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Hallucinations [Chapter 2]

Title: Hallucinations
Summary: Itoh Hayato was a weakling, a crybaby, a defenseless child. Now he has a mask. A mask that can make him into a gentleman. Into a kind, cheerful, and sociable man. Every girls want someone like him, no? Unfortunately, he's not interested in love. But this certain girl; she changed Hayato's life completely. Namely Mutsuki Kyoko, he fell in love with her. And then something happen—something that he didn't expect.
Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau
Rate/Warn: Weird plot, probably cliché. AND AU!!!
Genre: Angst/Romance
A/N: So sorry for the grammar, shit man. I don't even. And this is a chaptered fic. Thank you.

"I'm Kyoko, you are?"

Little did Hayato know that those four little words will change his routine, his habits of the day. His life. His usual day, it'll change his day of him helping people with his mask; with his fake smile, fake expression, fake cheery tone. He can feel it since the beginning, since he heard her soft, soothing voice.

It's very cliché, he admits. But still, Hayato can't help but to think about it. He just felt it, really.
Also, he feels this weird feeling inside him. How to describe ita feeling where there are butterflies in one's stomach, fluttering around his stomach. What is this feeling? Hayato can only let the wind blows, making his and Kyoko's hair swaying around; his hair is slapping his face, while Kyoko's is swaying around beautifully. The girls around must be envious of her beautiful and elegant black hair.
But weirdly, not anyone in the park noticed her. He's confused. Is he the only one who noticed her beauty? Or are they just blind? He takes the second option.

Something snapped inside his mind. Inside his inner mind, to be precisely. His eyes blinked as he realized something. Something he never thought of before. Something that he never expect of before. This thing he never believe since he was a kid, during his pitiful life. His heart ache slightly—but it's a different ache. He likes it. He likes the pain in his chest. It's a weird kind of pain. It's a mixture of pain, and love.


Is this love? This feeling he's feeling right now? After all this years—he's falling in love now?
It can't be. Hayato doesn't believe in such things, such as love. He doesn't understand anything about love. What is love? How do one know that it's love? He doesn't understand.

He decided that this isn't love. Maybe like as a friend is more suitable.

Hayato was traumatized by love, told to be truth. He is scared of it, very scared, until he forgets the feeling of 'love'. It was a bitter past, where he made his loved one disappear with just one hit. Like when a batter hit a ball, hitting a very far home run, and the ball disappear, just like that. He doesn't even want to think about it. Thinking about it will just make his headache.

Thinking hard about love is giving him a headache. Moreover the memory. This is a torture to him. A torture chamber.

Hayato glanced again at the girl—whose name was Kyoko. Again, his eyes met hers; same black pair of eyes with brown tints on it. It's still beautiful as ever, Hayato noted, even though he only met her moments ago. He cleared his throat as he attempts to maintain his mask.

"I-I'm Hayato..." It seems his attempt has failed. "Itoh... Hayato..."

It seems that Hayato's answer had amused Kyoko, as she is letting out a soft chuckle right now. He watched as Kyoko gave out a mischievous smile, with a hand below her chin. He likes her sweet face immediately.

"Hayato-san, is it?"

His face darkened a bit. He doesn't like when people call him with the suffix -san. It makes him feels old. He took steps closer to the girl, hands in pocket again. He massaged his forehead as he stepped closer, wearing his mask once again.

"Please don't call me that," he said, grinning widely from ear to ear. He put his hand behind his neck, scratching it, giving him an innocent look. "Just call me Hayato!"

Kyoko tilted her head. Her fore finger against her cheek, tapping it, giving her a cute and innocent look. "Hayato-kun?"

Hayato put his hand against his nose, covering it. He tried to prevent bloods to come out. He is just joking, of course, and Kyoko could notice that.

Hayato removed his hand off his nose, closing his eyes, taking a deep breath until the core, and let it out again, followed with a groan. When he opened his eyes, they immediately went to Kyoko's eyes, their eyes met again. Hayato's face heated up, and quickly looked away, while Kyoko just laughed, amused by his action.

It's going to be a long day for him.


Hayato strolled down the not so crowded street, his hands are in his pocket as usual. He's on his usual routine; bored at home, and then he would walk around the city, helps people using fake expressions, sometimes do something with his friends, and then go home. That is his usual routine.
But there's something different about him now. He seems so happy—a natural happiness, not his fake one. A happy smile was plastered across his lips, and his eyes sparkled slightly. His hand seems like it's holding something, holding another hand. A slim and soft hand. The hand is owned by a girl walking right beside him. A girl with a beautiful figure, the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He likes how her hair sways around as the wind blew. He likes how she walks happily, with a wide smile on her face.

Hayato never smiled like this before. This girl beside him changed his life. He rarely feels this... Happy.

Hayato dug into his hoodie's pocket, reaching out for his white headset, and put it on against his ears. He glanced at Kyoko for a while, and the quickly looked away when she noticed his stare. He can hear Kyoko's mocking laugh, but he takes it as a lovely laugh from her.

His face reddens slightly, and unfortunately his face isn't naturally red, so it's very visible to the black haired girl. She giggled, only making Hayato's face brighter and brighter with red.

"Stop it..." Hayato muttered, with his hands cover his mouth.

"Okay, okay~"

Hayato's eyes glance around, from here to there, searching for a place where they can, well, go eat or something. Lingering his sky blue eyes around, he spotted a restaurant. His usual restaurant, where he usually hangs out with his friends. It's a French restaurant called Le Jardin Des Cygnes, which he can't read it perfectly. But he remembered one of his friend told him the meaning of it; "The Garden of Swans." Well, that's a suitable name for the foods there.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Kyoko frowns. Her eyes also gazed at the restaurant, her eyebrows furrowed. Then she parted her lips to say, "...they cook swans there?"

"Err..." Hayato looked away, scratching his cheek with his free hand. "...Well, yeah..." He said reluctantly, "is that a problem to you...?"

Kyoko formed a pout on her lips, which Hayato thought it was cute. She put her free hand behind her, pulling her shirt that was a little revealing down. It's good that she has her cardigan on.
"Well, no, actually," she said, a little bit cold, giving Hayato shivers. "It's just that, it's a bit cruel..."
Hayato himself thought of that too when he first came to the restaurant. He likes swans, of course, who doesn't? But who eats swan meats? Apparently him and his friends. And the people in there. Also the chefs. "It is cruel, I know," he chuckled. "But it's delicious, believe me. It's part of the food chain, you know," he continued, followed with a wink.

Hayato saw Kyoko's looking at him from the corner of her eyes for a second, and then looked away again. Did she just blush? Her ears are red, he noticed. He smirked again when Kyoko finally gave in.
They walked side by side, heading to the restaurant that Hayato mentioned earlier. They're still holding hands. Hayato noticed some people staring at them. Their gazes are a weird one, which he can't tell why are they staring. He assumed that they're just jealous.

When they arrived in front of the restaurant, Hayato stopped suddenly. He bowed down, acting like a butler, and he said with a deep voice, "ladies first~"

Kyoko was amused seeing it, and gave him a chuckle as a response, but went in anyway. Hayato laughed silently, following her from behind. He let her choose the seat, as he just stood there, with his arms fold. He himself looked around as he still followed Kyoko.

He saw Kyoko sat on the table at the corner of the café. She turned her head to him, and waved her hand, signing him to come there. He didn't say anything as an answer, but came anyway. He sat across Kyoko, and crossed his legs. If this is his room, he would put his legs on the table, and his hands behind his neck. But this is not his room, so of course, he behaves. He gave Kyoko a smile, and she returned it, which makes him happy, somehow.

Not so long after that, a waitress came with the menu on her hand. Hayato noticed it is always the same waitress whenever he comes here. From the first time he came here with his friend, she's always the one who serves them. Or to be precisely, him, because she's always looking at him. He's not that dense, this waitress likes him. He can tell from her smile; a girly, flirtatious smile. And she's twirling her long, wavy purple hair that is left just like that, not even bother to tie it. He doesn't like girls like this.

But she's not actually very bad-looking either. Her long and wavy purple hair that reaches past her waist, she doesn't even bother to tie it to look good, but somehow it makes her more attractive. But of course, it's not naturally purple. If he remembered correctly, she once told him that her natural color hair is brown. He likes natural colored hair more than the unnatural one, to be honest. Her pair of light green eyes are shimmering because of the sunlight. Her body is slim, and looks like a model. She even has an aura of a model. But it doesn't interest him much.
Hayato glanced at the other girl across his seat. The most beautiful girl in the world, with her long straight black hair and her pair of beautiful black brown eyes. She's just too beautiful. He noticed something; that she is jealous. He can see it from her expression. She's glancing away from him, and frowning. Sometimes he caught her glaring at the waitress, sometimes she clicked her tongue herself. She's just too cute, he thought.

"Hayato-kun, isn't it~?" Even her tone sounded very flirtatious. He dislikes it very much.

"Yes, it's me, Mami," he said with his most charming smile. He can see her growing blush across her cheeks. He thinks it's stupid. Don't ask why he knows her name. He just knows. There was time when she followed him home, like a stalker, but he eventually succeed get rid of her. That's when he knows her name.

Mami put down the menu on the table. Hayato furrowed his eyebrows, just one menu? he thought. He thought that Mami might be jealous seeing Kyoko, but he never see her glancing at Kyoko one bit. Mami keeps staring at him since the beginning he sat there. But the only reason she gave the two only one menu, maybe because she's just jealous.

"Do you want to order now or later, Hayato-kun~?" asks Mami with her flirty tone, ready to pull out her notebook and pen from her breast-pocket.

"Nah, I'll order later," he said, smirking at Mami, which makes her blush. Geez, man. These types of girls really pisses him off, really.

"How about I stay here to accompany you?" Mami offers, but only makes Hayato want to puke.
"No, thank you for the kind offer," Hayato gave her the most charming smile ever. "Now fuck off."
Mami's eyes shimmered in delight, even though before her eyes were already shimmering. Then she bowed down, and left quickly. But even after she was out of Hayato's sight, he still feels someone's eyes staring at him. He's sure that it's Mami's eyes.

He then turned to Kyoko again. He was surprised seeing her like this. She is pissed off. Her face is red from anger, and her eyebrows furrowed. She puffed her cheeks, making her cheeks more redder than before. He doesn't think it's cute, however. He thinks it as scary. He knows what to do, nonetheless. He knows how to deal with girls.

"Look," Hayato leaned forward to take her hands, putting them in the middle of the table, "I'm sorry, alright?" he said, asked to be forgiven. "Mami's always like that whenever I'm here."

Kyoko stayed silent for a while, her eyes are still staring outside the windows, not looking at him. After quite awhile, Kyoko's face returned to normal, not red anymore. Slowly she glanced at Hayato, and said with her red cheeks, "...fine, I'll forgive you."

He knew that trick would work.

Hayato opened the menu that the purplenette gave them, and pushed them to Kyoko. "You can see the menu first. I already make up his mind," he said, smiling his charming smile.

Kyoko stared at the blonde first for a couple of seconds, and then took the menu, rotating it, and read it, searching for the good meal for her.

Hayato already make up his mind. He just want a coffee, his usual snack here. Maybe a vodka will be fine too. But he's 16, will they let him drink it? Nah, there's Mami. He can persuade her to give him some free vodkas. Wait, he's being a naughty boy, isn't he. He only orders cooked swans with his friends. If he's alone, he can't finish it by himself. The portion is huge. And Kyoko probably doesn't want the cooked swans.

"I don't want anything," Kyoko's words surprised him.


"I said I don't want anything," she repeated, staring at him straight.

Hayato raised an eyebrow, but nodded anyway. "Okaaaay..." he took the menu to him, and waved his hand, calling the waitress or waiter. "Oy vey!" he shouted. Someone's running this way, and of course, the purplenette showed up.

"Ready to order, sir~?" Mami pulled out the brown notebook and the silver pen from her breast-pocket, smiling cheerfully at Hayato. But he ignored it.

The blonde stared up at the annoying waitress, and said as he danced his hand in circle. He wears his charming smirk, and then said, "I want the usual, please."

A hue of red spread throughout Mami's cheeks as they burned from delight. She quickly wrote something on her notebook, and gave Hayato a salute. "The usual, sir! Alright! Coming right up!" Right before she left, she gave him a peck in the cheek. And then she left quickly.
"Fuck!" he cursed loudly, making the others around the two stared at him. He doesn't care, though. He was too busy to care about them, he was cleaning his cheek from the bacteria of the woman's peck. "Ukh, that was disgusting, man!" he said

While across his seat, Kyoko was just staring at him dumbfounded. "...Hayato," she called.

Hayato immediately put a cool pose, with his elbow against the table, and his hand against his cheek. "Yes?"

"...You're stupid you know that."

It's like a giant sword has pierced his heart. Hayato shook his head, and then sighed, letting out a soft chuckle. "And you're funny." Seriously, he wanted to say 'cute', but he failed.
Five minutes later after Mami kissed Hayato's cheek and Kyoko insulted him, it was mere silence between the two. Kyoko doesn't speak, and neither did Hayato. It's not like Hayato was embarrassed and or doesn't have an idea to start a topic to talk about. He just doesn't want to interrupt Kyoko's peaceful face. Besides, staring at her is enough.

Hayato had notice that Kyoko has a heart-shaped face with a cute feature on it with a pointed chin. Her wide yet mature eyes show her mature, cold personality but also her childish one. With her frown like now, she's like the mature type for him. But when she's smiling, she's like the childish type. She has a flat nose—this makes her cuter, for him, though. Her lips are a natural pink, like when you see a girl uses a lipbalm. But she doesn't wear it. Her cheeks are slightly rosy red, which gives her a cuter view.

He was too focused on her, and he doesn't realize Kyoko was clapping her hands in front of his face. After Hayato came back to Earth, Kyoko pointed to Mami—who Kyoko said was standing there since ages ago. Hayato chuckled.

"Here you go, Hayato-kun~" Mami put down his usual order on the table, right in front of the blonde.
Hayato just nodded as a response, and waved his hand again, signing her to go away. Mami put a disappointed face, but went away after that.

Hayato held the cup handle, nearing it to his lips, and sipped it slowly. He then put the coffee on the table again, and stared at Kyoko's black eyes, smirking slightly.

"So," he started, putting his left hand against his chin, with his other hand tapping the table. "I want to know more about you, can I?"

Kyoko furrowed her eyebrows, staring at Hayato who's beginning to sound like a flirt. But she knows that he isn't. She just knows. Kyoko let out a soft laugh, and then put her hand against her chin, staring back at Hayato's sky blue eyes. "Sure, why not?"


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