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Hallucinations [Chapter 1]

Title: Hallucinations
Summary: Itoh Hayato was a weakling, a crybaby, a defenseless child. Now he has a mask. A mask that can make him into a gentleman. Into a kind, cheerful, and sociable man. Every girls want someone like him, no? Unfortunately, he's not interested in love. But this certain girl; she changed Hayato's life completely. Namely Mutsuki Kyoko, he fell in love with her. And then something happen—something that he didn't expect.
Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau
Rate/Warn: Weird plot, probably cliché. AND AU!!!
Genre: Angst/Romance
A/N: So sorry for the grammar, shit man. I don't even. And this is a chaptered fic. Thank you.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) W I N K ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Walking through the crowded downtown, Itoh Hayato ruffled his blonde hair, making it messier than before. His other free hand inside his black hoodie's pocket. Wearing a trendy baggy blue jeans, along with a pair of black sneakers. Sweats dripping down from his chin to the ground, as crowded as it is, as the sun shone brightly above the people's head. His head is itchy somehow. Hayato stretched his hand to his head, and scratched it. His sky blue eyes darted to the people around him.

These people around have a different life than him. A different life, a different plot, a different story. A completely different life, he noticed. His eyes spotted a man, a businessman, to be precise, is talking to his phone as he walks past the blonde as if he's nothing. It seems that the guy is angry with whoever on the other side of that phone. Probably business problems, maybe he's a boss to someone.

His eyes went to a bench at the edge of the street. There was a couple, acting oh-so-lovey-dovey, making him want to throw up. He quickly took off his eyes of the unknown two, covering his mouth, preventing himself to throw up. He was popular in his middle school, being the cool kouhai or senpai, and got love letters every week. He was happy, really. But he is not interested in love. He brought the love letters to his apartment, and disposed them in the trash bin. It was a bit evil, but he has no choice.

To be honest, Hayato doesn't really care about people that he has no relation to. He doesn't really care about other people that is having a happy, normal life, even though he wants to have a normal life like any normal people would have. But he has an image for him to maintain.

A kind, cheerful, and sociable guy image.

Hayato shook his head, removing the thoughts out of his head and rolled his eyes again, and it landed on an old woman, standing before the street full of cars. She is trying to cross the street, it seems, but she can't, probably because of her body is aging, and no one seems to care about her.

Hayato clicked his tongue, cursing under his breath. He thought, that the people were blind not to see a helpless old woman standing there, wanting to cross the street. She looked very helpless, her hair is short and very white. Hayato shook his head, and approached the woman with a kind smile.

"Obaa-san, do you need help?" Hayato asked, along with his most charming smile. He can see, or even hear, that the young girls his age around him are glancing to him, face reddens. He chuckled. His charming smile always works.

The old woman nodded and returned Hayato's smile, thanking him.

Hayato looked up to the traffic light, slightly wincing at the brightness of the sun. Noticing that the traffic light is still green, he just stood there with the old woman, waiting for the light turn to red.

Slowly, more people gathered around the two, wanting to cross the street too, like them.

The traffic light turned into red. Hayato took the old woman's head gently, and carefully leads her across the street. He's trying to be a gentleman, he's trying too hard. But he succeed, of course.

Stepping to the other side of the street, both of them stopped. Hayato glanced to the old woman, and smiled again.

"Thank you," the old woman said again, shaking Hayato's hand with both of her hands.

Hayato shook his head as he ran his fingers through his blonde locks, grinning widely. "Nah, it's fine," says Hayato. He waved his hand at her, and winked, "take care now!" Right before he left, he glanced at the old woman.

She's blushing.

Can he burst out his laugh now?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) W I N K ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He watched as the kids play in the park. Hands in pocket, he blows a raspberry at them before sitting on the bench beside the pond. The kids glance at him, pouting. One of them throws a ball at him, hitting his cheek, but not so hard, even though he pretends to be in pain.

He rubbed his cheek as he looked around the park. The kids continued playing, mothers talking about their children, and fathers talking about things—he doesn't care though.

His eyes linger to an ice cream truck at the corner of the park. There, stood the seller, holding an ice cream flavored chocolate, giving it to a little girl. Hayato watched as the girl jumped up and down, excited as she went back to her mother—or he thought so.

He gazed at a little boy, leaning against the ice cream truck, without the seller noticing him. He looks like he's about to cry. Hayato furrowed his eyebrows. The little boy isn't with his parents, where are they? How could they leave him just like that?

Hayato stood up from the bench, sweeping the imaginary dusts off his thigh and butt, and approached the little boy with hands in pocket, again. He crouched down in front of the sad little boy, putting his hands between his thighs, and again with his charming yet comforting smile.

The boy, who immediately noticed him, looked up, his eyes full with tears, it almost fell to the ground. He looked sad, but from the look of his eyes, he is not scared of Hayato. Hayato smiled.

"Hey there, lil' boy," he said, ruffling the boy's brown hair. "Where are your parents?"

"I... I went here all by myself..." The boy said. Hayato's mouth curved down.

"I'm Hayato!" He said, putting his hand on his chest, proudly doing it. "So, what's your name?"

The little boy stared up at the blonde, chewing his mouth, hesitating to answer. With a shaking voice, he answered reluctantly, "...S-Shu..."

"Shu, hm?" Repeating the boy's name, he smiled. "What are you doing here, Shu?" He asks.

Shu chewed on his lips, his feet dangling around above the ground as his feet isn't long enough to touch it. His fists clenching on his small thighs. Shu's eyeballs slowly moved to his right, to the seller who's still giving scoops of ice cream to his customer.

Hayato immediately understood.

Shu watched as the older one reached out for his pocket, pulling out a black leather wallet. Hayato pulled his wallet apart, looking to the interior of it. It has enough money to buy five ice creams.

Putting his wallet inside his pocket again, he stood up, clasping his hands together, rubbing it against each other, and reached out to Shu's hand. "I'll buy you one!"

Shu's round green eyes sparkled, now it has a yellow tint in it. His eyes are full of hope, slowly growing a wide smile across his face, from ear to ear. "Really, onii-chan?!" In Hayato's ears, Shu sounded so happy when he said that.

Responding with a cheerful reply, Hayato took Shu's hand gently, the same action as he did with the old woman earlier. Hayato likes children, especially the ones like this. Like Shu right here. They remind him of himself as a kid. As a crybaby, weak, defenseless child.

I crouched down at the dark corner of the dark alley, my body's trembling, my hands are holding against my head as a defense to them. My body is bruised badly, and bloods are trailing down from my forehead to my cheek, from my elbow to the dirty ground. I can only sat there, not doing anything but trembling. I can hear them shouting things to me, bad thighs.



"I don't like you!"

"We hate you!"

"Go die!"

"Go away!"

"Never come back!"

Shouting things like that as they throw rocks at me, big ones, small ones, rocks. Kicking me as if I'm a trash to each of their life. As though the corner is a trash bin, they're throwing me easily to it, but it didn't go in, and they took the trash again, throwing it to the trash bin again. But eventually it never go in, but they're still trying.
That means, I never give up.

Hayato shook his head. The memory is giving him a painful headache. He stopped in his track, his free hand that is not holding Shu's hand massaged his forehead. His groan caught Shu's attention. Shu tugged Hayato's hoodie, bringing him back to reality.

Hayato's sky blue eyes blinked, his eyes went to Shu's green eyes. "Ah, yes, sorry."

The ice cream truck has a catchy pattern, and of course, it will catch anyone's attention, especially children. It has a pastel-colored stripped on it, and the side is open, and it's where the seller stood, behind the bar. The bar is where the ice creams are placed, covered by a glass that has a freezer in it, freezing the ice. The glass is used for protecting the ice creams from the sun, preventing them to melt.

Hayato approached the seller. The seller wears his stripped green uniform with a matching green hat. His hair is a jet black, long enough for a guy.

Noticing Hayato, the seller gave him a wide, kind smile. Everyone would be deceived by that smile, but not Hayato. He knows when someone is lying or not, when someone is deceiving or not, when someone is pretending or not. He knows. People can't deceive him.

"May I help you, sir?" The seller asks politely.

"Yes, you may," Hayato replied with a grimace, his voice hinting sarcasm. The seller twitched, noticing the sarcasm.

Hayato glanced down at his right, to Shu. "What flavor do you want, Shu?"

Shu tiptoed, his free hand holding the edge of the truck, trying to see the ice creams. Hayato tightened his lips, trying to stifle laughter seeing Shu. Shu, who failed to, can only pouts.
"I'll help you." Hayato picked Shu up by the armpits, putting him against his chest, like holding a baby.

Shu muttered something, but Hayato didn't quite catch that. Shu glanced to each of the flavor. He tightened his lips, not wanting to drop any drools to Hayato's hoodie. His green eyes stopped at a certain flavor. His green eyes sparkled again, another yellow tint appeared. "I want that one!"

Hayato, whose eyes are still wandering around, glanced at the ice cream Shu wants. His eyes winced, as though he is disgusted by the flavor. "...Green tea?" His voice sounded reluctant and hesitant.

Completely different from Hayato's reaction, Shu nodded delightedly. "Yep!"

The blonde arched an eyebrow, but shrugged it off anyway. "One green tea-flavored ice cream please, and..." His eyes wander again from one flavor to another. "Don't you have an apple-flavored one?"

"No," the seller answered, his voice flat. Now it's Hayato's turn to get annoyed.

"Then I want... Vanilla."

"One vanilla and one green tea-flavored ice cream..." The seller continued talking, telling the blonde the price. Hayato reached out for his pocket again, taking his black leather wallet from it. He pull apart his wallet, and took the money, same price as the one that the seller told him. He puts the money on the glass as he put back his wallet in his pocket. In the same time, the seller finished putting scoops of ice creams in each of their cups.

"Here it is," the seller pushed the cups to the edge of the glass and took the money. "Thank you very much!" Hayato noticed the sarcasm in his tone, and can only fake a smile at it. "Thanks."
He put Shu down to the ground and crouched down, the same height as the little boy, and gave the green tea-flavored ice cream to him. Shu gave Hayato a wide smile, thanking him. Hayato only wagged his hand as a respond, saying that it's not a problem.


Shu whipped his head to the source of the voice who's calling to him, as well as Hayato. It wasn't Hayato, it wasn't a masculine voice either. It was a woman's voice, calling out to Shu.
Hayato, too, like Shu, whipped his head to the source of the voice, at the bench that Hayato sat onto earlier before he met Shu. There, stood a woman in her thirties, or he thought so. She has a long, wavy brown hair, the same brown hair as Shu, and the same pair of green eyes, except hers is much more darker than Shu's.

The word Shu says doesn't surprise him. "Mommy!"

Shu struggled to get off of Hayato's arms, and he let him to. The boy immediately rushed to his mother's embrace. Hayato stood up, can only smile at the family—even though there's no father. The father is probably at home. He stepped forward, approaching the two. The mom is a beautiful woman, Hayato noted. She picked up Shu, in a different way Hayato picked him up, in a motherly way. No one could defeat the affection of a mother to their child. The mother looked up to him, smiling.

"Thank you," she said, smiling sincerely.

Hayato shook his head, giving her his charming smile as usual. "No, it's fine. Shu's a good boy."

"S-Should I... Give you something in return, or—" the mom started, but did not finish.

"Nah, I don't want anything~ It's fine, it's fine~" Hayato said, shaking his hand, his other hand in his pocket.

"R-Really?" The mom sounded uncertain.

"Really, really~"

She took a deep breath, letting it out in relief. "T-Thank God..." She said, "well, I.. Should be going right now... Shu, you have lessons after this!"

Before they left, both of them waved at Hayato, giving him a loud 'bye'. Waving back, Hayato smiled. He watched as the family walked away from him, slowly blurring out of his view, and eventually out of sight.

His eyes softened. It's nice to have a family, he thought. His mother and father left him since he was 7, and his brother, his dear big brother, also left him. So, he is alone for the rest eight years. His middle school doesn't allow him to work part-time job, but he had no choice but to break the rule. Rules are made to be broken, no?

Hayato's life were dark. But he tries hard to be strong, tries hard to be a good man. He's still trying until now, until this very second. Hayato was a crybaby. A weak, defenseless child. A weakling. But now, he changed. Now, he's a gentleman. A man who helps other, who is kind and sweet, who is a cool man.

And then, all of the sudden, his thoughts were interrupted by a voice from behind him. An unfamiliar voice, but is somehow soothing to him.

"It's good to have a family, don't you think?"

Hayato turned his head around upon hearing the voice. Behind him, there was the most beautiful girl he has seen in his life. He was captivated by her beauty. Hayato's heart skipped three beats seeing the beautiful straight black hair, reaching to her waist. It was so fine, it looked as though it's as smooth as a wool. He stared at the girl's eyes. It was black with brown tints on it. It's beautiful to him.

His eyes carefully darted to her body. She's a fine girl, has a slim body, and is wearing a normal trendy clothes girls these days usually wear. His eyes went down to her legs—this is so wrong. Her legs were unblemish, flawless. Her ankles were delicate and lovely, like the tiny wooden dancer in every jewelry boxes. This both delighted and frightened Hayato, because they looked like they could snap.

Hayato looked up again upon hearing her voice spoke.

"I'm Kyoko. You are?"


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