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Hello, my name is Calista. I am also known as Hanako and Chrome. I am 12 years old, and going to be 13 on July 2nd. I can't describe myself well, but I know that I like to draw and I like to write stories. I also like to imagine things. I like to sing too, and I upload them in my soundcloud. 

I really like to draw. I have an instagram account where I post my drawings. It's like a gallery of my drawings, heheh. Like I said, I also like to write stories. In fact, I want to be a novelist someday. I know it's hard work, but it's worth to try, right? I post my fanfiction/stories here, or in my fanfiction.net account, or in my tumblr, or in my quotev. I post original stories in my wattpad, but I rarely use it. I sing too, like I said earlier. I sing covers of vocaloid songs, mostly, but I also cover other songs too.

I mostly spam in twitter. So warning if you follow my twitter. I also selective followback, since I don't want my timeline to be spammed by craps. I am crap too, btw lol. I also use tumblr. Tumblr is hell, don't go there.

I really, really like to watch YouTubers. I like most of the YouTubers I've seen---ThatcherJoe, JacksGap, PewDiePie, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Zoella, PointlessBlog, Troye Sivan--Okay, okay, I know most of them are British. Well, yeah, because I like British people and their accent. They're just--hnngg. I also like it when boys wear glasses. They're cute.

I am into Kagerou Project too. Or Mekakucity Actors, whatever. I know Kagerou Project since God knows when. I literally like all characters there, but this guy is my favorite: 
Shit, he's so cute.

Anyway, I think that's that. If you want to go and see the stories that I made, go to the here. Thanks!

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