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Hallucinations [Chapter 2]

Title: Hallucinations
Summary: Itoh Hayato was a weakling, a crybaby, a defenseless child. Now he has a mask. A mask that can make him into a gentleman. Into a kind, cheerful, and sociable man. Every girls want someone like him, no? Unfortunately, he's not interested in love. But this certain girl; she changed Hayato's life completely. Namely Mutsuki Kyoko, he fell in love with her. And then something happen—something that he didn't expect.
Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau
Rate/Warn: Weird plot, probably cliché. AND AU!!!
Genre: Angst/Romance
A/N: So sorry for the grammar, shit man. I don't even. And this is a chaptered fic. Thank you.

"I'm Kyoko, you are?"

Little did Hayato know that those four little words will change his routine, his habits of the day. His life. His usual day, it'll change his day of him helping people with his mask; with his fake smile, fake expression, fake cheery tone. He can feel it since the beginning, since he heard her soft, soothing voice.

It's very cliché, he admits. But still, Hayato can't help but to think about it. He just felt it, really.
Also, he feels this weird feeling inside him. How to describe ita feeling where there are butterflies in one's stomach, fluttering around his stomach. What is this feeling? Hayato can only let the wind blows, making his and Kyoko's hair swaying around; his hair is slapping his face, while Kyoko's is swaying around beautifully. The girls around must be envious of her beautiful and elegant black hair.
But weirdly, not anyone in the park noticed her. He's confused. Is he the only one who noticed her beauty? Or are they just blind? He takes the second option.

Something snapped inside his mind. Inside his inner mind, to be precisely. His eyes blinked as he realized something. Something he never thought of before. Something that he never expect of before. This thing he never believe since he was a kid, during his pitiful life. His heart ache slightly—but it's a different ache. He likes it. He likes the pain in his chest. It's a weird kind of pain. It's a mixture of pain, and love.


Is this love? This feeling he's feeling right now? After all this years—he's falling in love now?
It can't be. Hayato doesn't believe in such things, such as love. He doesn't understand anything about love. What is love? How do one know that it's love? He doesn't understand.

He decided that this isn't love. Maybe like as a friend is more suitable.

Hayato was traumatized by love, told to be truth. He is scared of it, very scared, until he forgets the feeling of 'love'. It was a bitter past, where he made his loved one disappear with just one hit. Like when a batter hit a ball, hitting a very far home run, and the ball disappear, just like that. He doesn't even want to think about it. Thinking about it will just make his headache.

Thinking hard about love is giving him a headache. Moreover the memory. This is a torture to him. A torture chamber.

Hayato glanced again at the girl—whose name was Kyoko. Again, his eyes met hers; same black pair of eyes with brown tints on it. It's still beautiful as ever, Hayato noted, even though he only met her moments ago. He cleared his throat as he attempts to maintain his mask.

"I-I'm Hayato..." It seems his attempt has failed. "Itoh... Hayato..."

It seems that Hayato's answer had amused Kyoko, as she is letting out a soft chuckle right now. He watched as Kyoko gave out a mischievous smile, with a hand below her chin. He likes her sweet face immediately.

"Hayato-san, is it?"

His face darkened a bit. He doesn't like when people call him with the suffix -san. It makes him feels old. He took steps closer to the girl, hands in pocket again. He massaged his forehead as he stepped closer, wearing his mask once again.

"Please don't call me that," he said, grinning widely from ear to ear. He put his hand behind his neck, scratching it, giving him an innocent look. "Just call me Hayato!"

Kyoko tilted her head. Her fore finger against her cheek, tapping it, giving her a cute and innocent look. "Hayato-kun?"

Hayato put his hand against his nose, covering it. He tried to prevent bloods to come out. He is just joking, of course, and Kyoko could notice that.

Hayato removed his hand off his nose, closing his eyes, taking a deep breath until the core, and let it out again, followed with a groan. When he opened his eyes, they immediately went to Kyoko's eyes, their eyes met again. Hayato's face heated up, and quickly looked away, while Kyoko just laughed, amused by his action.

It's going to be a long day for him.


Hayato strolled down the not so crowded street, his hands are in his pocket as usual. He's on his usual routine; bored at home, and then he would walk around the city, helps people using fake expressions, sometimes do something with his friends, and then go home. That is his usual routine.
But there's something different about him now. He seems so happy—a natural happiness, not his fake one. A happy smile was plastered across his lips, and his eyes sparkled slightly. His hand seems like it's holding something, holding another hand. A slim and soft hand. The hand is owned by a girl walking right beside him. A girl with a beautiful figure, the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He likes how her hair sways around as the wind blew. He likes how she walks happily, with a wide smile on her face.

Hayato never smiled like this before. This girl beside him changed his life. He rarely feels this... Happy.

Hayato dug into his hoodie's pocket, reaching out for his white headset, and put it on against his ears. He glanced at Kyoko for a while, and the quickly looked away when she noticed his stare. He can hear Kyoko's mocking laugh, but he takes it as a lovely laugh from her.

His face reddens slightly, and unfortunately his face isn't naturally red, so it's very visible to the black haired girl. She giggled, only making Hayato's face brighter and brighter with red.

"Stop it..." Hayato muttered, with his hands cover his mouth.

"Okay, okay~"

Hayato's eyes glance around, from here to there, searching for a place where they can, well, go eat or something. Lingering his sky blue eyes around, he spotted a restaurant. His usual restaurant, where he usually hangs out with his friends. It's a French restaurant called Le Jardin Des Cygnes, which he can't read it perfectly. But he remembered one of his friend told him the meaning of it; "The Garden of Swans." Well, that's a suitable name for the foods there.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw Kyoko frowns. Her eyes also gazed at the restaurant, her eyebrows furrowed. Then she parted her lips to say, "...they cook swans there?"

"Err..." Hayato looked away, scratching his cheek with his free hand. "...Well, yeah..." He said reluctantly, "is that a problem to you...?"

Kyoko formed a pout on her lips, which Hayato thought it was cute. She put her free hand behind her, pulling her shirt that was a little revealing down. It's good that she has her cardigan on.
"Well, no, actually," she said, a little bit cold, giving Hayato shivers. "It's just that, it's a bit cruel..."
Hayato himself thought of that too when he first came to the restaurant. He likes swans, of course, who doesn't? But who eats swan meats? Apparently him and his friends. And the people in there. Also the chefs. "It is cruel, I know," he chuckled. "But it's delicious, believe me. It's part of the food chain, you know," he continued, followed with a wink.

Hayato saw Kyoko's looking at him from the corner of her eyes for a second, and then looked away again. Did she just blush? Her ears are red, he noticed. He smirked again when Kyoko finally gave in.
They walked side by side, heading to the restaurant that Hayato mentioned earlier. They're still holding hands. Hayato noticed some people staring at them. Their gazes are a weird one, which he can't tell why are they staring. He assumed that they're just jealous.

When they arrived in front of the restaurant, Hayato stopped suddenly. He bowed down, acting like a butler, and he said with a deep voice, "ladies first~"

Kyoko was amused seeing it, and gave him a chuckle as a response, but went in anyway. Hayato laughed silently, following her from behind. He let her choose the seat, as he just stood there, with his arms fold. He himself looked around as he still followed Kyoko.

He saw Kyoko sat on the table at the corner of the café. She turned her head to him, and waved her hand, signing him to come there. He didn't say anything as an answer, but came anyway. He sat across Kyoko, and crossed his legs. If this is his room, he would put his legs on the table, and his hands behind his neck. But this is not his room, so of course, he behaves. He gave Kyoko a smile, and she returned it, which makes him happy, somehow.

Not so long after that, a waitress came with the menu on her hand. Hayato noticed it is always the same waitress whenever he comes here. From the first time he came here with his friend, she's always the one who serves them. Or to be precisely, him, because she's always looking at him. He's not that dense, this waitress likes him. He can tell from her smile; a girly, flirtatious smile. And she's twirling her long, wavy purple hair that is left just like that, not even bother to tie it. He doesn't like girls like this.

But she's not actually very bad-looking either. Her long and wavy purple hair that reaches past her waist, she doesn't even bother to tie it to look good, but somehow it makes her more attractive. But of course, it's not naturally purple. If he remembered correctly, she once told him that her natural color hair is brown. He likes natural colored hair more than the unnatural one, to be honest. Her pair of light green eyes are shimmering because of the sunlight. Her body is slim, and looks like a model. She even has an aura of a model. But it doesn't interest him much.
Hayato glanced at the other girl across his seat. The most beautiful girl in the world, with her long straight black hair and her pair of beautiful black brown eyes. She's just too beautiful. He noticed something; that she is jealous. He can see it from her expression. She's glancing away from him, and frowning. Sometimes he caught her glaring at the waitress, sometimes she clicked her tongue herself. She's just too cute, he thought.

"Hayato-kun, isn't it~?" Even her tone sounded very flirtatious. He dislikes it very much.

"Yes, it's me, Mami," he said with his most charming smile. He can see her growing blush across her cheeks. He thinks it's stupid. Don't ask why he knows her name. He just knows. There was time when she followed him home, like a stalker, but he eventually succeed get rid of her. That's when he knows her name.

Mami put down the menu on the table. Hayato furrowed his eyebrows, just one menu? he thought. He thought that Mami might be jealous seeing Kyoko, but he never see her glancing at Kyoko one bit. Mami keeps staring at him since the beginning he sat there. But the only reason she gave the two only one menu, maybe because she's just jealous.

"Do you want to order now or later, Hayato-kun~?" asks Mami with her flirty tone, ready to pull out her notebook and pen from her breast-pocket.

"Nah, I'll order later," he said, smirking at Mami, which makes her blush. Geez, man. These types of girls really pisses him off, really.

"How about I stay here to accompany you?" Mami offers, but only makes Hayato want to puke.
"No, thank you for the kind offer," Hayato gave her the most charming smile ever. "Now fuck off."
Mami's eyes shimmered in delight, even though before her eyes were already shimmering. Then she bowed down, and left quickly. But even after she was out of Hayato's sight, he still feels someone's eyes staring at him. He's sure that it's Mami's eyes.

He then turned to Kyoko again. He was surprised seeing her like this. She is pissed off. Her face is red from anger, and her eyebrows furrowed. She puffed her cheeks, making her cheeks more redder than before. He doesn't think it's cute, however. He thinks it as scary. He knows what to do, nonetheless. He knows how to deal with girls.

"Look," Hayato leaned forward to take her hands, putting them in the middle of the table, "I'm sorry, alright?" he said, asked to be forgiven. "Mami's always like that whenever I'm here."

Kyoko stayed silent for a while, her eyes are still staring outside the windows, not looking at him. After quite awhile, Kyoko's face returned to normal, not red anymore. Slowly she glanced at Hayato, and said with her red cheeks, "...fine, I'll forgive you."

He knew that trick would work.

Hayato opened the menu that the purplenette gave them, and pushed them to Kyoko. "You can see the menu first. I already make up his mind," he said, smiling his charming smile.

Kyoko stared at the blonde first for a couple of seconds, and then took the menu, rotating it, and read it, searching for the good meal for her.

Hayato already make up his mind. He just want a coffee, his usual snack here. Maybe a vodka will be fine too. But he's 16, will they let him drink it? Nah, there's Mami. He can persuade her to give him some free vodkas. Wait, he's being a naughty boy, isn't he. He only orders cooked swans with his friends. If he's alone, he can't finish it by himself. The portion is huge. And Kyoko probably doesn't want the cooked swans.

"I don't want anything," Kyoko's words surprised him.


"I said I don't want anything," she repeated, staring at him straight.

Hayato raised an eyebrow, but nodded anyway. "Okaaaay..." he took the menu to him, and waved his hand, calling the waitress or waiter. "Oy vey!" he shouted. Someone's running this way, and of course, the purplenette showed up.

"Ready to order, sir~?" Mami pulled out the brown notebook and the silver pen from her breast-pocket, smiling cheerfully at Hayato. But he ignored it.

The blonde stared up at the annoying waitress, and said as he danced his hand in circle. He wears his charming smirk, and then said, "I want the usual, please."

A hue of red spread throughout Mami's cheeks as they burned from delight. She quickly wrote something on her notebook, and gave Hayato a salute. "The usual, sir! Alright! Coming right up!" Right before she left, she gave him a peck in the cheek. And then she left quickly.
"Fuck!" he cursed loudly, making the others around the two stared at him. He doesn't care, though. He was too busy to care about them, he was cleaning his cheek from the bacteria of the woman's peck. "Ukh, that was disgusting, man!" he said

While across his seat, Kyoko was just staring at him dumbfounded. "...Hayato," she called.

Hayato immediately put a cool pose, with his elbow against the table, and his hand against his cheek. "Yes?"

"...You're stupid you know that."

It's like a giant sword has pierced his heart. Hayato shook his head, and then sighed, letting out a soft chuckle. "And you're funny." Seriously, he wanted to say 'cute', but he failed.
Five minutes later after Mami kissed Hayato's cheek and Kyoko insulted him, it was mere silence between the two. Kyoko doesn't speak, and neither did Hayato. It's not like Hayato was embarrassed and or doesn't have an idea to start a topic to talk about. He just doesn't want to interrupt Kyoko's peaceful face. Besides, staring at her is enough.

Hayato had notice that Kyoko has a heart-shaped face with a cute feature on it with a pointed chin. Her wide yet mature eyes show her mature, cold personality but also her childish one. With her frown like now, she's like the mature type for him. But when she's smiling, she's like the childish type. She has a flat nose—this makes her cuter, for him, though. Her lips are a natural pink, like when you see a girl uses a lipbalm. But she doesn't wear it. Her cheeks are slightly rosy red, which gives her a cuter view.

He was too focused on her, and he doesn't realize Kyoko was clapping her hands in front of his face. After Hayato came back to Earth, Kyoko pointed to Mami—who Kyoko said was standing there since ages ago. Hayato chuckled.

"Here you go, Hayato-kun~" Mami put down his usual order on the table, right in front of the blonde.
Hayato just nodded as a response, and waved his hand again, signing her to go away. Mami put a disappointed face, but went away after that.

Hayato held the cup handle, nearing it to his lips, and sipped it slowly. He then put the coffee on the table again, and stared at Kyoko's black eyes, smirking slightly.

"So," he started, putting his left hand against his chin, with his other hand tapping the table. "I want to know more about you, can I?"

Kyoko furrowed her eyebrows, staring at Hayato who's beginning to sound like a flirt. But she knows that he isn't. She just knows. Kyoko let out a soft laugh, and then put her hand against her chin, staring back at Hayato's sky blue eyes. "Sure, why not?"


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Shitty HayaKyo art

Hoooly shit man, I'm not sorry- And I'm so not going to line this shit.

Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau

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His Visit

Title: His Visit
Summary: He visits her grave.  
Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau
Rate/Warn: Maybe it'll make you tear up a little.  
Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Romance  
A/N: Sorry for the shitty grammar and story

Hayato's POV

    I stare up at the trees, watching as the wind blows, making the leafs on the trees fly off from its tree. This is where I usually stay when I want to be alone. My room, I mean. My room is on the second floor, where the boys' dorm is at. I am currently at the balcony. It's small, but it's really comfortable. The wind is always blowing whenever I stand here, against the golden, hard railing. I put my hand along the cold railing, and thought, who made this school in the first place. Who made Riverside in the first place, I thought. To be honest, I don't know. I don't even remember why I enroll in this academy. Why did I? It's the closest high school from my current apartment. I haven't leave the place, my apartment, I mean.

    I'm still curious who made Riverside. I know, it's none of my business, but I'm curious. Curiosity kills the cat, they say. "I'm not a cat," I say to myself, leaning against the hard, golden railing, "I'm a human," I continue as I look around the view in front of me. I wince as the wind begins to blow again, making my hair waves around, eventually slapping my face. "Ouch," I grunt. I put my hands up and put my hair behind my ear and holds it as the wind blows, trying to make it not to slap my face again. I took a deep breath as I squat down, looking around Riverside from my room through the railing. Like I'm in jail. It's beautiful.

    But without her, it's not perfect. She is more beautiful. She is like the moon, shining in the dark, encouraging me not to be afraid of the dark anymore. Illuminating my life. But now the light is gone, and I am all alone again. Alone in the dark. She is gone. Since that day... Eh? I blink twice, holding my scarf, preventing it to fly away. ...Since when...?
    I don't know. I don't freaking now. Since when she left me? Since when? She never told me. She never told me that she would leave me. She promised me right? She promised me that she would never, in any circumstances, leave me? I still remember the day she told me that. I remember clearly, her word, her voice saying that she would never leave me.

He hugged her, pulling her to his embrace, softly caressing her black hair. The blonde parted his lips to ask her, "would you ever... ever leave me...?"

The girl is quite taken aback by his question. Her eyes widens, but it quickly came back to normal, as she returns the hug. "...No... Of course not...."



    Something fell down from my left cheek, falling to the floor. I reach my head to it, and feeling my left cheek wet. Wet? I blink my eyes twice, widening it a little bit. Shocked, I must say, when I know that I'm currently crying. I chuckle and hug my knees, slowly crawling to my emo corner. Actually, if you look closely, you can see the dark aura that surrounds me.
    But seriously, what did I do wrong? What did I do wrong to make her left me? And not just 'left' me. She died. She freaking died. What did I do wrong? Is it because I left her side? I should've never left her side, never. If only I was always by her side, it won't be like this. It's my fault. All of this---these­---are all my fault. If only... If only...

    Mutsuki Kyoko.

    The name echoes in my head just now... is...

    Mustuki Kyoko.

    ...Her name...

    My eye shot wide open. "Mutsuki," I mutter her name, eye looking forward. I slowly stand up, my hand against the railing for support. My breath starts to turn heavy as I open the door that leads to my room. As I step inside, I immediately take my phone on my bed and totter to the door, leaving my room. I don't care about people calling me, asking me where I am going. No, you guys, it's none of your business. It's my business. Mine and only mine.

    I ran to Riverside's giant yet elegant gate. It's the usual gate, big, golden, elegant giant gate that is automatically open when someone from the school leaves. Yeah, it's the usual gate that I always pass by. It opens by itself when I am in front of it, making a way for me to leave. I put on my black jacket as I run and run. I look up to the sky as I run. It's a relief that the sky is still clear light blue. If it's not, then I'll be pissing on myself. As I arrive at the city, I immediately slow down my walking pace, bleding up with the other citizens. I don't want anyone to stare at me like I'm a criminal, do I?

    I went to a certain stand. A stand, where one sells flowers and stuffs like that. I step inside, opening the door as it makes the bell tolls.
    "Welcome!" says the shopkeeper.
    I only nod as a response, and start to look around. Kyoko... What kind of flower does she likes, I wonder? I was her boyfriend, yet I don't know. ...I was... her boyfriend. I shake my head. No, thinking like this won't get me anywhere, I thought. I have to find a flower that matches her. I have to. I totter around the shop, eyeing each of the flowers in a hurry. Kyoko, Kyoko, Kyoko. She fills my head completely, I can't think of anything else. Anything else but Kyoko.

    A beautiful smell somehow interrupts my thought, and quickly, I follow the smell. My instinct tells me that this is the one. The one that I have to give for her. It has a beautiful smell. It has a--how to describe it--very sweet, heavy floral, honey like fragrance with a short cresylic, and at other times of the day, a suave, balsamic sweet fragrance. I notice the flower I follow on its smell is a daisy. It suits her.
    "Ah, you like this one, Mister?" asks the shopkeeper, giving me a wide and kind smile. I won't be deceived by that kind of smile ever again.
    "Yes, I like this one," I nod, touching it softly, trying not to ruin its beautiful form. I stare at the tag below the pot, reading the text on it; Bellis perennis. Daisy. I look up again at the white flower---the white daisy, an herbaceous perennial plant with short creeping rhizomes and rosettes of small rounded or spoon-shaped leaves. It smells nice. Beautiful, also nice. Reminding me of her. "How much is this?"

    "9,000 yen!" answers the shopkeeper.
    My jaw drops hearing its price. I glance at the beautiful daisies again, and then at the shopkeeper again. "S-Sorry, can you repeat that again?" I say.
    "9,000 yen," he repeats, smiling widely.
    I close my jaw and reach for my wallet in my pocket. I cry. Almost literally.

    I gave all of my money left in my wallet for the shitty shopkeeper. I swear, he's not a shopkeeper, he's an extortioner! I groaned as I stare down at my empty wallet. I can feel imaginary tear fall down from my left eye.

    "Thank you for coming!" The extortioner's voice rang along side the bell's tolls as I leave the place. Now let's go to her... grave. I don't even know where her grave is. Maybe I can ask to people? Maybe someone knows. I hope. Do not lose hope! Why is Naegi's voice ringing in my head, I wonder. I snicker at my own weird brain. At time like this, I can still joke around. If only she was here, I'll be laughing with her, her by my side. If only...
    Again, I shake my head. This won't get me anywhere, I repeat my thoughts earlier. I begin to ask to people in the city about the Mutsuki family. I even run through the alley, even though the sky is getting darker and darker by the time. I must fight the darkness---it sounds cliche, but it is indeed for her sake. Hours by hours passed by, but I haven't got any information any slightest bit. I begin to lose hope. Hoping would do nothing, right? I must do something. But I don't know what to do. I just can hope. I can't do anything other than hoping for myself.
    I run my hand through my blonde locks as I desperately walk along the snowy street. I stare up to the white sky. "Snowing..." I mutter, "since when?" I didn't notice. Is it because I was to focused in searching for her?

    I suddenly stop in my tracks. My left eye glances to the left, and dramatically turning my head to the side. I widen my eye. I grip the bouquet of madonna lilies I bought earlier on my left hand. A smile of disbelief yet happy smile is seen on my face---it could be seen as a ridiculous expression, probably. It's a cemetery. It's a cemetery, in front of me. And there's the name, I see, quite far from me, but I still can read it with my left eye. Anything for her. Mutsuki Kyoko. Along with another Mutsukis around her.

    I run to it. As a fast runner, it only took a few seconds for me to arrive there. To her grave. I can't believe this. "It's really you," I say to myself as something starts to stream down to my left cheek. It's pure, colorless, water. It came out from my left eye like it's nothing. Like it's a waterfall.
    "Kyoko..." I almost choke as I say your name. My heart, it's beating fast, as something tries to destroy it. It hurts. Whenever I, someone, him, her, they, we, say or says your name. It hurts, my heart. It's like something breaks my heart with a rock. Or someone biting it to pieces. "I can't take this Kyoko," I say between sobs as I put the bouquet of daisies against the tombstone. I smile.
    "Kyoko," I call out her name, hoping that she would respond, but I know very well that she won't. "Do you know what flower is this?" I ask her. I wait for a while, and then speak again, "it's daisies," I say. "Its scientific name is Bellis perennis," I pat the tombstone, imagining myself patting her head like the usual times we had in the past. "Bellis is Latin for "pretty" and perennis is Latin for "everlasting"," I explain to her, as if I am trying to get in contact to her. The tears are gathering on my eyes, slowly fall down to my cheek, and then to the ground.
    "Hey, Kyoko," I call out to her once again. "Can you hear me...?" I ask between my sobs. "I'm such a crybaby aren't I," I let out a chuckle, forcing out a smile. "I must've sound like a crazy guy, talking by myself beside a grave," I say, "but I don't care. If it's for you..."

    "Kyoko, can I sing a song?" I ask for her permission. The breeze suddenly gets stronger yet calmer, making me feel comfortable, somehow, her whispering voice echoed in my head. I smile sincerely, "I take that as a yes, yes?" I take a deep breath, before my low voice echoes around the cemetery,

"Deep in the snow, under the willow
A bed of snow, a soft white pillow
Lay down your head and close your sleepy eyes
And when again they open the sun will rise"

    As I sing the first verse, the snow keeps piling up on my head slowly but surely, making my head looks like it's white. I think she's making fun of me. I laugh silently.

"Here it's safe, and here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from all harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you"

    As I sing the second first, I put the daisies around her grave. It hurts me so much to do this, but it's for her sake.

"Deep in the snow, hidden far away
A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when again it's morning they'll wash away"

    Another tear falls down from my left eyes as I sing the third verse, wetting one of the daisies. I mouthed a "sorry" as I force out a single smile.

"Here it's safe, and here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from all harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you"

    That was the last verse. The song, it was from The Hunger Games. I thought it was a beautiful song, so maybe I'll sing it to her.

    I bend down, kissing the side of the grave, the stones to be exact. "The song was short, but I hope you like it," I say to her, smiling.
    The wind suddenly went so strong, that it makes my scarf fly away from me. "Ah!" I squeaks as my face turns red because of my voice. I mean, it sounded like a girl. I run towards my scarf, which is stuck on a tree. I take my red scarf from the tree, and oh wow, did I imagine it? I think someone whispered a "thank you" to me.

    I quickly turn around, looking for a person that is nearby. No one. Everyone is busy with their own things, and no one is paying attention to me. I stare down at my leather boots in disbelief. I don't want to believe it, yet I want to believe it. That was her voice, wasn't it? That was Kyoko... Thanking me...
    I smile silently. "No, thank you, Kyoko," I mutter, replying to her. I remember her stubborn personality, and then let out a sigh, looking back to her grave. "If you insist, you're welcome," I smile softly.

    Thank you, Kyoko, for illuminating my life all this time. Thank you for everything. Thank you...

you're welcome


Title: Answer
Summary: Jawaban lisan Hayato terhadap surat itu.
Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau; Usotsuki Mairu (c) reoteny; Spero (c) zakushizu_
Rate/Warn: Maybe it'll make you tear up a little.
Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Romance
A/N: …Mianhae~
An answer to this.

'Tap, tap,' suara hentakan kaki yang terdengar tidak terlalu keras bergema di sekeliling selasar Riverside. Terlihatlah seseorang berambut pirang, dengan satu mata berwarna biru langit. Mata kanannya tertutupi oleh sebuah kain. Matanya tertuju kepada lantai coklat yang sudah diinjak beribu-ribu kali olehnya. Kakinya berjalan ke arah kafetaria, sembari memegang tenggorokannya.
"Ugh, haus sekali," ujarnya. Hayato memiringkan kepalanya sedikit dan memijat-mijat bahunya yang kaku. Sepertinya ia terlalu banyak bermain game di kamar.

Ketika pintu kafetaria sudah terlihat di depan mata, ia segera membukanya dan berjalan ke balik counter, dimana dapur berada. Ia masuk ke bagian dapur, yang tidak mempunyai pintu itu, dan segera mengambil sebotol jus apel dari kulkas dan meminumnya, seteguk demi seteguk.
"Puah…" ia menyeka mulutnya dengan lengan bajunya dan menjilat bibirnya. "Enak, seperti biasa," ujarnya sembari menaruh kembali botol tersebut ke dalam kulkas. Dan kenapa tiba-tiba ia muncul di kepalanya.

"Eh," sebuah senyum pahit muncul di bibirnya, matanya melebar, dan kantung matanya semakin terlihat. "…Apa maksudnya…" seakan orang itu ada di depannya, ia melihat gambar orang itu di kepalanya, sedang tersenyum, dengan suara lembutnya memanggil ‘Hayacchi~!’.

Hayato memegang kepalanya yang sakit itu, memijatnya sedikit agar rasa sakitnya hilang. Tetapi tidak kunjung hilang juga. Hayato mengerang kesakitan. Tangannya memegang pinggir meja untuk bantuan berdiri. Penglihatannya mulai kabur, rasanya ia ingin pingsan. Tiba-tiba instingnya menyuruhnya ke ruang CCTV. Ia kebingungan. CCTV itu ‘kan, tempat dimana orang itu sering berada. Tanpa ragu, ia berlari ke ruang CCTV.

Dengan gambar-gambar orang itu menghantui kepalanya terus menerus. Ruang CCTV dengan cafetaria tidak jauh, hanya beberapa ruangan berada di sekitarnya. Hayato menghitung pintu; ruang komputer, terlewati; gym, terlewati; laboratorium, terlewati; ini dia. Ia berhenti berlari, mata yang satu-satunya ia miliki itu tertuju kepada sebuah pintu berwarna hitam, dengan tulisan ‘CCTV’ diatasnya.

Tangan Hayato langsung memegang gagang pintunya, dan memutarnya. Kakinya kirinya menginjak ruangan itu terlebih dahulu, diikuti dengan kaki kanannya. Ruangan itu penuh dengan televisi-televisi, dimana seseorang bisa melihat situasi di segala Riverside.

Matanya langsung tertuju kepada kursi putar yang berada di depan TV tersebut. Biasanya, kursi itu akan diduduki oleh seseorang berambut panjang, cantik, dan manis. Ia akan memutar kursi itu, dan melambaikan tangannya kepada dirinya. Tetapi sekarang sudah tidak. Orang itu telah tiada.

Ada sesuatu diatas meja pojok ruangan. Mata yang ia miliki sekarang, biru langit yang kosong, menatap benda itu. Surat. Sebuah surat. Matanya melebar sedikit. Ia langsung mengambil surat tersebut dengan kasarnya, dan menatapnya. Suratnya berwarna putih polos, seperti surat biasa. Perbedaannya, ada sebuah tulisan, ditulis tangan, bertuliskan ‘UNTUK HAYATO’.

"Ini…" Tulisan orang itu. Ia tahu benar. Ia tahu benar tulisan orang itu. Seperti tulisan anak kecil. Lucu. Tanpa ragu ia membukanya, mengambil kertas yang ada di dalam surat tersebut. Seperti sebuah kertas buku harian, dengan hiasan-hiasan polos. Ia mulai membaca tulisan-tulisan tersebut dengan teliti dan dalam hati,

Uhm, halo? Ini Mutsuki Kyoko. Kalau menemukan surat ini dan bukan Itoh Hayato, berikan padanya! Jika tidak, hidupmu akan sial!

Hayato tertawa kecil membacanya. Terdengar sepertinya, persis.

Kalau iya, Itohcchi, ini curhatanku tentangmu! …Kenapa ia memanggilnya ‘Itohcchi’? Sebuah paragraf baru, Itohcchi, Aku nggak mau menjadi bebanmu. Aku nggak ingin merepotkanmu. … Nah.. Karena itu… aku.. bersyukur divonis bahwa.. hidupku tidak panjang.(Kamu bisa melihatnya pada bagian ke3, Itohcchi~!)

Apa maksudnya. Hidupnya tidak panjang? “Kenapa kau tidak bilang kepadaku…” Dan bagian ketiga? Ah sudah, baca satu-satu saja. Sebuah paragraf baru lagi, Aku pikir… nggak ada ada aku…. kamu… pasti bahagia. Karena aku itu egois, pedas, cuek(banget), garing…. Jadi.. kalau aku menghilang… kamu akan senang Itohcchi~! Tak akan ada gadis egois, pedas, cuek, garing, alias aku!

"TIDAK!" Ia berhenti membacanya. Padahal baru bagian kedua. "Tidak… kau tidak egois… pedas… cuek… garing… Tidak… Kau tidak… Diamlah…" Ia menggigit bibirnya, tak tahan melihat surat tersebut. "Apa maksudmu!? Aku tidak ingin kau menghilang! Apa-apaan sih! Kayak nggak tau aku aja!" geramnya marah. Ia tidak mau membaca suratnya lagi. Sudah cukup. Tetapi ia perlu membacanya sampai habis. Tidak, ia harus. Ia memegang surat tersebut dengan keras, dan lanjut membacanya. Sebuah paragraf baru lagi, Itohcchi, maafkan aku… mungkin kau belum tahu.. tapi.. Aku terkena penyakit.(kau tak perlu tahu penyakit apa itu, Itohcchi!( ><::;;) Maaf!) Dua bulan yang lalu.. aku berkunjung ke rumah sakit dengan Masashi(Aku takut memberitahu padamu, Itohcchi ; w ;)7)

Membaca kata ‘Masashi’ saja, ia sudah ingin membunuh albino itu. “Geblek!” ia memukul mejanya dengan keras, “jadi kau lebih memilih Masashi!? Kenapa tidak aku!? Kenapa aku tidak boleh tahu penyakitmu?! Apa penyakitmu, bodoh?!” Tidak sadar bahwa air mata sudah berlinang di pipinya, dan jatuh membasahi pinggiran surat tersebut. Sebuah paragraf baru lagi, Dokterkutuk memvonisku jika umurku tidak panjang. Ia terdiam sebentar. “…Kenapa… kau tidak memberitahuku…”

Sejak detik itu, aku berusaha untuk hidup! Aku juga sudah membuat janji dengan Itohcchi bahwa tidak meninggalkan Itohcchi kan? Nah, aku berusaha sekeras mungkin tidak ingkar padamu! Aku ingin melihat Itohcchi selama mungkin! Air matanya berjatuhan dengan deras, seperti hujan. “Tapi buktinya apa…”

Tapi aku takut Itohcchi mengetahuinya.. Maka dari itu.. aku mengunci diriku sendiri di ruangan CCTV! Dan mengamati Itohcchi dari jauh.(Terdengar menakutkan.. ok.. maaf.) Matanya tertuju kepada kursi itu lagi, membayangkan Kyoko duduk disitu dengan manisnya. “…Kenapa aku tidak tahu…”

Lalu.. beberapa waktu kemudian… Riverside kedatangan murid baru.. Seorang idol yang kudengar-dengar ramah.. Usotsuki Mairu. Hayato menatap surat itu dengan tampang tidak percaya. “…Apa-apaan… aku tidak punya rasa apapun terhadap Mairu…”

Aku menyelinap ke ruangan kepala sekolah malam-malam. Aku mencari biodata Usotsuki Mairu. Gotcha! Aku mendapat biodatanya. Dan kau tahu, Itohcchi? Aku sakit hati melihat fotonya! Mata rubinya… rambut putih saljunya… kulit putih pucatnya… senyumannya yang begitu manis.. Argh, aku bukan apa-apa dibanding dia!(Secara, dia idol, harus menjaga penampilan…) Sekilas, kupikir dia Spero versi cewek loh…. Ia berhenti membaca lagi. “…Tidak… Tidak, Kyoko…” Ia terdiam sebentar, “…kau lebih manis… Senyumanmu lebih manis… Senyumanmu itu sudah cukup untuk menyenangkan hariku… Sang bulan selalu mengingatkanku kepada sepasang matamu yang indah itu… Rambutmu, rambutmu halus. Wangi, pula. Aku ingat wanginya saat aku menciummu waktu itu. Suaramu mengingatkanku kepada bunga daisy, entah mengapa. Kau tidak tahu apa-apa. Kau tidak tahu apa-apa tentang perasaanku terhadapmu.”

.. Dia kelihatan ceria dan ramah… dan satu lagi yang membuatku kalah sebelum berperang. Dia seorang gamer. Gamer sepertimu, Itohcchi! Usotsuki-san mirip denganmu, Itohcchi! Ketika kubayangkan.. kalian tampak sangat cocok… “LALU KENAPA KALAU DIA SEORANG GAMER?!” Ia berteriak, suaranya serak. Ia tidak percaya Kyoko berpikiran seperti ini. “Aku tidak peduli ia gamer atau bukan… Aku hanya peduli denganmu… Mairu tidak bisa membuatku seperti ini. Dan kau… kau berhasil. Kau sukses membuatku jatuh cinta kepadamu.”

Sudah satu bulan aku ‘meninggalkanmu’. Kondisi tubuhku semakin memburuk. Ditambah lagi ketika kau mencium dan dekat dengan Usotsuki-san. Nafasnya seakan berhenti membaca kalimat terakhirnya. “…Maafkan aku… Kalau itu… itu memang salahku…” ia terhenti, “..tidak… semuanya itu salahku… Salahku sudah tidak peka… Aku memang kurang ajar, ya…” Ia tertawa pahit.

Aku merasa kesal, marah, menangis saat itu, Itohcchi… Aku mengigit bibirku keras-keras saat itu… Aku berusaha untuk tegar! Pada akhirnya, air mataku menetes dari mata kiri.. tapi cuma sedikit. Karena aku langsung menghibur diriku sendiri dengan ngobrol bersama Masashi! “MAAFKAN AKU!” Ia tidak kuat lagi. Ia jatuh ke lantai, air mata masih dengan derasnya menetes dari matanya. Tangannya masih memegang erat surat tersebut. “…Maafkan aku… Aku keterlaluan… Aku kurang ajar… Aku… patut dibenci… Maafkan aku… Tetapi setidaknya kau marah padaku… Menamparku atau apalah… Jangan ngobrol dengan Masashi…”

Aku tidak menyalahkan Usotsuki-san, dan Itohcchi, ok? Ini salahku sendiri ‘meninggalkan’ Itohcchi… Hak Itohcchi mencium siapa saja. Haha. “Tidak, TIDAK!” Ia berteriak, “tidak! Ini semua salahku! Maafkan aku! Tidak, JANGAN MAAFKAN AKU! Maafkan aku… Aku hanya ingin dirimu… Oke… J-Jangan…” ia terdiam, “…semuanya sudah terlambat sih… Aku tidak bisa apa-apa lagi…”

Ah ya.. ini sudah satu bulan aku mengunci diriku sendiri di ruangan CCTV, kan? Mungkin ini bulan terakhirku di Riverside….. dan dunia? Geez!! Itohcchi, maafkan aku curhat terus ya! Hayato menggelengkan kepalanya, “…tidak… Jangan pergi… Jangan tinggalkan.. Jangan tinggalkan aku… Tolonglah…” yah, walaupun ia tahu benar bahwa semuanya sudah terlambat.

Hei, Hayacchi… Melihat kalimat itu, suara Kyoko memanggil namanya bergema di kepalanya. Aku sangat bersyukur bertemu denganmu. Sangat bersyukur. Mungkin kamu nggak tau. Karena kamu, aku berusaha untuk hidup.. lebih lama lagi. Terimakasih, ya? Terimakasih telah memberiku kesempatan waktu bahagia. Terimakasih sudah menerimaku. Terimakasih sudah bersabar menerima pacar super cuek dan sangat, sangat, sangat garing. Bagiku, itu setia. Aku tidak peduli itu sebuah sandiwara atau bukan karena kau kasihan padaku. ”Tidak, Kyoko. Aku sayang padamu. Aku suka—-Aku cinta padamu!” ia berteriak dengan suara seraknya, “itu semua bukan sandiwara, oke. Aku serius. Aku serius mencintaimu. Dan diamlah, kau bukan pacar yang super cuek dan sangat sangat sangat garing. Bukan. BUKAN, KAU DENGAR ITU!?” Ia menarik nafasnya, “kau itu seperti bulan yang menerangi kegelapan di malam hari. Kalau ada kau, aku tidak terlalu takut dengan kegelapan. Kalau ada kau, hari-hariku pasti lebih menyenangkan daripada sekarang.”

Aku bahagia. Tangisannya menjadi lebih deras setelah membaca kalimat tersebut.

Hayacchi. Aku juga minta maaf karena telah melanggar janji ‘itu’. Ya janji ‘itu’. "—Aku tidak akan meninggalkanmu." Rasa arah, sakit, rasa bersalah, cemburu, dan lainnya bercampur di dalam dirinya. “…Kalau itu, aku marah.”

Karena itu, Itohcchi, berbahagialah dengan Usotsuki-san(kau pacaran dengannya. kan?) Matanya melebar, “tunggu, apa!? TIDAK!” ia memukul lantai di sebelahnya dengan keras, “siapa bilang sih!? Dusta!”

Semoga ingatanmu tentangku terkunci dan terbuang jauh-jauh. Jadi ingatanmu tentangku tidak mengganggumu. Aku yakin.. Usotsuki-san.. bukan orang yang cuek, garing, ingkar janji sepertiku. “Tunggu, tidak, kau salah. Mairu itu hanya seorang teman! Dia bukan apa-apa selain teman dekatku! Aku cinta mati denganmu, kau dengar!?”

Dan yang terakhir… Hayacchi. Ia tidak berani membaca kalimat selanjutnya setelah membaca kata ‘terakhir’. Ia tidak mau Kyoko meninggalkannya. Dengan segan-segan, matanya melirik ke kalimat terakhir tersebut, …Aishiteru.

Sudah. Ia kalah. Ia kalah total. Sebuah senyum pahit, senyum marah, senyum sakit hati, senyuman rasa bersalah, senyuman cemburu, senyuman merasa dikhianati muncul di sepanjang bibirnya. "…Aishiteru mo, Kyoko. Zutto ni…"

Hallucinations [Chapter 1]

Title: Hallucinations
Summary: Itoh Hayato was a weakling, a crybaby, a defenseless child. Now he has a mask. A mask that can make him into a gentleman. Into a kind, cheerful, and sociable man. Every girls want someone like him, no? Unfortunately, he's not interested in love. But this certain girl; she changed Hayato's life completely. Namely Mutsuki Kyoko, he fell in love with her. And then something happen—something that he didn't expect.
Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraau
Rate/Warn: Weird plot, probably cliché. AND AU!!!
Genre: Angst/Romance
A/N: So sorry for the grammar, shit man. I don't even. And this is a chaptered fic. Thank you.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) W I N K ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Walking through the crowded downtown, Itoh Hayato ruffled his blonde hair, making it messier than before. His other free hand inside his black hoodie's pocket. Wearing a trendy baggy blue jeans, along with a pair of black sneakers. Sweats dripping down from his chin to the ground, as crowded as it is, as the sun shone brightly above the people's head. His head is itchy somehow. Hayato stretched his hand to his head, and scratched it. His sky blue eyes darted to the people around him.

These people around have a different life than him. A different life, a different plot, a different story. A completely different life, he noticed. His eyes spotted a man, a businessman, to be precise, is talking to his phone as he walks past the blonde as if he's nothing. It seems that the guy is angry with whoever on the other side of that phone. Probably business problems, maybe he's a boss to someone.

His eyes went to a bench at the edge of the street. There was a couple, acting oh-so-lovey-dovey, making him want to throw up. He quickly took off his eyes of the unknown two, covering his mouth, preventing himself to throw up. He was popular in his middle school, being the cool kouhai or senpai, and got love letters every week. He was happy, really. But he is not interested in love. He brought the love letters to his apartment, and disposed them in the trash bin. It was a bit evil, but he has no choice.

To be honest, Hayato doesn't really care about people that he has no relation to. He doesn't really care about other people that is having a happy, normal life, even though he wants to have a normal life like any normal people would have. But he has an image for him to maintain.

A kind, cheerful, and sociable guy image.

Hayato shook his head, removing the thoughts out of his head and rolled his eyes again, and it landed on an old woman, standing before the street full of cars. She is trying to cross the street, it seems, but she can't, probably because of her body is aging, and no one seems to care about her.

Hayato clicked his tongue, cursing under his breath. He thought, that the people were blind not to see a helpless old woman standing there, wanting to cross the street. She looked very helpless, her hair is short and very white. Hayato shook his head, and approached the woman with a kind smile.

"Obaa-san, do you need help?" Hayato asked, along with his most charming smile. He can see, or even hear, that the young girls his age around him are glancing to him, face reddens. He chuckled. His charming smile always works.

The old woman nodded and returned Hayato's smile, thanking him.

Hayato looked up to the traffic light, slightly wincing at the brightness of the sun. Noticing that the traffic light is still green, he just stood there with the old woman, waiting for the light turn to red.

Slowly, more people gathered around the two, wanting to cross the street too, like them.

The traffic light turned into red. Hayato took the old woman's head gently, and carefully leads her across the street. He's trying to be a gentleman, he's trying too hard. But he succeed, of course.

Stepping to the other side of the street, both of them stopped. Hayato glanced to the old woman, and smiled again.

"Thank you," the old woman said again, shaking Hayato's hand with both of her hands.

Hayato shook his head as he ran his fingers through his blonde locks, grinning widely. "Nah, it's fine," says Hayato. He waved his hand at her, and winked, "take care now!" Right before he left, he glanced at the old woman.

She's blushing.

Can he burst out his laugh now?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) W I N K ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He watched as the kids play in the park. Hands in pocket, he blows a raspberry at them before sitting on the bench beside the pond. The kids glance at him, pouting. One of them throws a ball at him, hitting his cheek, but not so hard, even though he pretends to be in pain.

He rubbed his cheek as he looked around the park. The kids continued playing, mothers talking about their children, and fathers talking about things—he doesn't care though.

His eyes linger to an ice cream truck at the corner of the park. There, stood the seller, holding an ice cream flavored chocolate, giving it to a little girl. Hayato watched as the girl jumped up and down, excited as she went back to her mother—or he thought so.

He gazed at a little boy, leaning against the ice cream truck, without the seller noticing him. He looks like he's about to cry. Hayato furrowed his eyebrows. The little boy isn't with his parents, where are they? How could they leave him just like that?

Hayato stood up from the bench, sweeping the imaginary dusts off his thigh and butt, and approached the little boy with hands in pocket, again. He crouched down in front of the sad little boy, putting his hands between his thighs, and again with his charming yet comforting smile.

The boy, who immediately noticed him, looked up, his eyes full with tears, it almost fell to the ground. He looked sad, but from the look of his eyes, he is not scared of Hayato. Hayato smiled.

"Hey there, lil' boy," he said, ruffling the boy's brown hair. "Where are your parents?"

"I... I went here all by myself..." The boy said. Hayato's mouth curved down.

"I'm Hayato!" He said, putting his hand on his chest, proudly doing it. "So, what's your name?"

The little boy stared up at the blonde, chewing his mouth, hesitating to answer. With a shaking voice, he answered reluctantly, "...S-Shu..."

"Shu, hm?" Repeating the boy's name, he smiled. "What are you doing here, Shu?" He asks.

Shu chewed on his lips, his feet dangling around above the ground as his feet isn't long enough to touch it. His fists clenching on his small thighs. Shu's eyeballs slowly moved to his right, to the seller who's still giving scoops of ice cream to his customer.

Hayato immediately understood.

Shu watched as the older one reached out for his pocket, pulling out a black leather wallet. Hayato pulled his wallet apart, looking to the interior of it. It has enough money to buy five ice creams.

Putting his wallet inside his pocket again, he stood up, clasping his hands together, rubbing it against each other, and reached out to Shu's hand. "I'll buy you one!"

Shu's round green eyes sparkled, now it has a yellow tint in it. His eyes are full of hope, slowly growing a wide smile across his face, from ear to ear. "Really, onii-chan?!" In Hayato's ears, Shu sounded so happy when he said that.

Responding with a cheerful reply, Hayato took Shu's hand gently, the same action as he did with the old woman earlier. Hayato likes children, especially the ones like this. Like Shu right here. They remind him of himself as a kid. As a crybaby, weak, defenseless child.

I crouched down at the dark corner of the dark alley, my body's trembling, my hands are holding against my head as a defense to them. My body is bruised badly, and bloods are trailing down from my forehead to my cheek, from my elbow to the dirty ground. I can only sat there, not doing anything but trembling. I can hear them shouting things to me, bad thighs.



"I don't like you!"

"We hate you!"

"Go die!"

"Go away!"

"Never come back!"

Shouting things like that as they throw rocks at me, big ones, small ones, rocks. Kicking me as if I'm a trash to each of their life. As though the corner is a trash bin, they're throwing me easily to it, but it didn't go in, and they took the trash again, throwing it to the trash bin again. But eventually it never go in, but they're still trying.
That means, I never give up.

Hayato shook his head. The memory is giving him a painful headache. He stopped in his track, his free hand that is not holding Shu's hand massaged his forehead. His groan caught Shu's attention. Shu tugged Hayato's hoodie, bringing him back to reality.

Hayato's sky blue eyes blinked, his eyes went to Shu's green eyes. "Ah, yes, sorry."

The ice cream truck has a catchy pattern, and of course, it will catch anyone's attention, especially children. It has a pastel-colored stripped on it, and the side is open, and it's where the seller stood, behind the bar. The bar is where the ice creams are placed, covered by a glass that has a freezer in it, freezing the ice. The glass is used for protecting the ice creams from the sun, preventing them to melt.

Hayato approached the seller. The seller wears his stripped green uniform with a matching green hat. His hair is a jet black, long enough for a guy.

Noticing Hayato, the seller gave him a wide, kind smile. Everyone would be deceived by that smile, but not Hayato. He knows when someone is lying or not, when someone is deceiving or not, when someone is pretending or not. He knows. People can't deceive him.

"May I help you, sir?" The seller asks politely.

"Yes, you may," Hayato replied with a grimace, his voice hinting sarcasm. The seller twitched, noticing the sarcasm.

Hayato glanced down at his right, to Shu. "What flavor do you want, Shu?"

Shu tiptoed, his free hand holding the edge of the truck, trying to see the ice creams. Hayato tightened his lips, trying to stifle laughter seeing Shu. Shu, who failed to, can only pouts.
"I'll help you." Hayato picked Shu up by the armpits, putting him against his chest, like holding a baby.

Shu muttered something, but Hayato didn't quite catch that. Shu glanced to each of the flavor. He tightened his lips, not wanting to drop any drools to Hayato's hoodie. His green eyes stopped at a certain flavor. His green eyes sparkled again, another yellow tint appeared. "I want that one!"

Hayato, whose eyes are still wandering around, glanced at the ice cream Shu wants. His eyes winced, as though he is disgusted by the flavor. "...Green tea?" His voice sounded reluctant and hesitant.

Completely different from Hayato's reaction, Shu nodded delightedly. "Yep!"

The blonde arched an eyebrow, but shrugged it off anyway. "One green tea-flavored ice cream please, and..." His eyes wander again from one flavor to another. "Don't you have an apple-flavored one?"

"No," the seller answered, his voice flat. Now it's Hayato's turn to get annoyed.

"Then I want... Vanilla."

"One vanilla and one green tea-flavored ice cream..." The seller continued talking, telling the blonde the price. Hayato reached out for his pocket again, taking his black leather wallet from it. He pull apart his wallet, and took the money, same price as the one that the seller told him. He puts the money on the glass as he put back his wallet in his pocket. In the same time, the seller finished putting scoops of ice creams in each of their cups.

"Here it is," the seller pushed the cups to the edge of the glass and took the money. "Thank you very much!" Hayato noticed the sarcasm in his tone, and can only fake a smile at it. "Thanks."
He put Shu down to the ground and crouched down, the same height as the little boy, and gave the green tea-flavored ice cream to him. Shu gave Hayato a wide smile, thanking him. Hayato only wagged his hand as a respond, saying that it's not a problem.


Shu whipped his head to the source of the voice who's calling to him, as well as Hayato. It wasn't Hayato, it wasn't a masculine voice either. It was a woman's voice, calling out to Shu.
Hayato, too, like Shu, whipped his head to the source of the voice, at the bench that Hayato sat onto earlier before he met Shu. There, stood a woman in her thirties, or he thought so. She has a long, wavy brown hair, the same brown hair as Shu, and the same pair of green eyes, except hers is much more darker than Shu's.

The word Shu says doesn't surprise him. "Mommy!"

Shu struggled to get off of Hayato's arms, and he let him to. The boy immediately rushed to his mother's embrace. Hayato stood up, can only smile at the family—even though there's no father. The father is probably at home. He stepped forward, approaching the two. The mom is a beautiful woman, Hayato noted. She picked up Shu, in a different way Hayato picked him up, in a motherly way. No one could defeat the affection of a mother to their child. The mother looked up to him, smiling.

"Thank you," she said, smiling sincerely.

Hayato shook his head, giving her his charming smile as usual. "No, it's fine. Shu's a good boy."

"S-Should I... Give you something in return, or—" the mom started, but did not finish.

"Nah, I don't want anything~ It's fine, it's fine~" Hayato said, shaking his hand, his other hand in his pocket.

"R-Really?" The mom sounded uncertain.

"Really, really~"

She took a deep breath, letting it out in relief. "T-Thank God..." She said, "well, I.. Should be going right now... Shu, you have lessons after this!"

Before they left, both of them waved at Hayato, giving him a loud 'bye'. Waving back, Hayato smiled. He watched as the family walked away from him, slowly blurring out of his view, and eventually out of sight.

His eyes softened. It's nice to have a family, he thought. His mother and father left him since he was 7, and his brother, his dear big brother, also left him. So, he is alone for the rest eight years. His middle school doesn't allow him to work part-time job, but he had no choice but to break the rule. Rules are made to be broken, no?

Hayato's life were dark. But he tries hard to be strong, tries hard to be a good man. He's still trying until now, until this very second. Hayato was a crybaby. A weak, defenseless child. A weakling. But now, he changed. Now, he's a gentleman. A man who helps other, who is kind and sweet, who is a cool man.

And then, all of the sudden, his thoughts were interrupted by a voice from behind him. An unfamiliar voice, but is somehow soothing to him.

"It's good to have a family, don't you think?"

Hayato turned his head around upon hearing the voice. Behind him, there was the most beautiful girl he has seen in his life. He was captivated by her beauty. Hayato's heart skipped three beats seeing the beautiful straight black hair, reaching to her waist. It was so fine, it looked as though it's as smooth as a wool. He stared at the girl's eyes. It was black with brown tints on it. It's beautiful to him.

His eyes carefully darted to her body. She's a fine girl, has a slim body, and is wearing a normal trendy clothes girls these days usually wear. His eyes went down to her legs—this is so wrong. Her legs were unblemish, flawless. Her ankles were delicate and lovely, like the tiny wooden dancer in every jewelry boxes. This both delighted and frightened Hayato, because they looked like they could snap.

Hayato looked up again upon hearing her voice spoke.

"I'm Kyoko. You are?"

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