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Hallucination [Chapter 3]

Title: Hallucinations
Summary: Itoh Hayato was a weakling, a crybaby, a defenseless child. Now he has a mask. A mask that can make him into a gentleman. Into a kind, cheerful, and sociable man. Every girls want someone like him, no? Unfortunately, he's not interested in love. But this certain girl; she changed Hayato's life completely. Namely Mutsuki Kyoko, he fell in love with her. And then something happen—something that he didn't expect.Disclaimer: Mutsuki Kyoko (c) waraauRate/Warn: Weird plot, probably cliché. AND AU!!! and grammar tooGenre: Angst/RomanceA/N: So sorry for the grammar, shit man. I don't even. And this is a chaptered fic. Thank you.

"Sure, why not?"

Hayato made a smirk on his lips. He rubbed his chin with his hand, staring at Kyoko, examinizing the girl's face. He guessed that he stared too long, because Kyoko complained about it. He chuckled."Okay, can I ask you some questions then?" Hayato asked, even though he already knew the answer from the start.

As he expected her to do, Kyoko nodded. "Of course."

"What about personal things?" he asks again, this time a little too mischievous.

Kyoko stayed silent for a while, staring at Hayato suspiciously, winching both of her eyes. The blonde smiled smugly, waiting patiently for her answer. Then she parted her lips to talk, "fine, it's fine."

He did not expect this, but he just shrugged it off. He took another sip of his coffee and then, after putting it back on the table, he asked, "can I have your phone number?"

Hayato had an amused expression on his face after seeing Kyoko's reaction on his question. She must have thought that he was going to ask about something important—something like, where are your parents, etc. But she did not expect this question, ever.

"Um," Kyoko reached for her pocket, taking out her phone from it. It was a touch screen phone, so she slides her finger on the screen, unlocking the phone. She tapped it for some seconds, and then gave it to Hayato, "Here you go."

"Thank you," he replied, taking her phone from her hand to his. Looking at the phone, he didn't seem surprised that her phone is so clean and has no scratches at all. Maybe it's a new phone, he thought to himself, ignoring the thoughts that were swirling in his head.

The screen was already in the contact section. Weirdly, the only contact there was the name Kyoko, which must be her, and XXXX. Hayato furrowed his eyebrows at this. Who is this XXXX? That is the only question that is currently on his head right now. Again, he tried hard to ignore it, and save his number. And he also noticed that, when he pressed back, the wallpaper is all black and it has no applications except the default ones. That's weird.

"Are you done?" Kyoko's voice disturbed his thoughts, which was actually good, because the thoughts were making him insane.

"Oh," he gave Kyoko's phone back to her, and she quickly snatched it away. He chuckled seeing her looking through her phone with an annoyed expression. After he saw her let out a sigh, he opened his mouth to ask things again.

"Who's XXXX in your contact?" he asked curiously, this time he actually wanted the real answer.

Kyoko blinked at him, as though that she had see something weird and ridiculous. She tilted her head slightly, "what do yoou mean by that?"

"You know," Hayato coughed, gazing away from her. "When I was about to save your phone, you had this contact named XXXX..."

Kyoko now have this weird look on her. She stared at Hayato weirdly, doesn't know what is he talking about. "What do you mean?" she asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. She then showed Hayato her phone screen, which was in the contact section, and it's totally different from before.

The layout is same, same as the one he saw earlier. But the different things are—are the contacts. They were completely different from the ones he saw earlier when he saved his number. The XXXX contact was gone, now there were only Mom, Dad, and mine. That was weird.

"See?" she took back her phone, sighing.

"Then what about your completely black wallpaper?" he asked, his question filled with doubts.

Kyoko showed him her phone again, almost too quick that it's now right in front of Hayato's nose, that she almost threw her phone. If she did, then Hayato's nose will absolutely bleed.

But that's not what surprised Hayato right now.

The thing that surprised Hayato was the screen of her phone. It was all cheery—the wallpaper is a pink one, flowers all over it. Was pink her favorite color? Oh, wait, he's getting off the topic. While there were only the default apps earlier when he last checked it, now it has lots of games that interests him.

Weird, the last time he checked, it was all black and blank. Frowning, he shook his head. Maybe it was all his imaginations after all.

He handed the phone back to Kyoko, and gave her his most charming smile ever, "it was all my imaginations. Sorry," he apologized, sounding actually sincere, which surprised Kyoko.

"Oh, um... It's fine..." Hayato noticed that the mischievous Kyoko had turned awkward. He finds this cute, though. He let out a small chuckle.

"And... Where do you live?" Right after he finished his question, Kyoko's fore finger was already pressed against his lips, and he didn't even notice it. Hayato looked up to the girl, smiling weirdly as a sweat dropped from his forehead. "Whaaa...?"

Kyoko's face was calm, a smile was plastered on her lips. "It's a secret~" she said, before sitting back on her chair.

Hayato was dumbfounded, but since she said it was a secret, and he doesn't want to push her to tell him where she lives—that will make him sound like a stalker—he decided to shrug it off.

Before he took another sip of his coffee, Hayato asked, "then how about this: do you have any siblings?"

"Hmm," Kyoko tapped her chin, her eyes rolling. "Yeah, I have an older brother," she says, smiling. "He was very nice, you know."

"Oh?" Hayato raised his eyebrow, pretending to be interested in her brother. She seems to love her brother a lot, by looking at her eyes, he could tell. "Really, how so?" he put down the cup on the table again.

"Well, he's just nice to me," she continued, smiling sweetly. "He also has this habit of jumping down buildings. But he does it perfectly—he never got injured from doing it!"

Hayato blinked. Well, her brother does sounds interesting enough. "Tall buildings?" Hayato assumed.


"Hee..." he tapped his chin, and then sighed. This isn't going anywhere. What should he ask to her? Her childhood? Her first love? Her parents? What is she scared of? Uh, yeah, that sounded good.

"What are you scared of?" Hayato asked. Since he has a phobia, he decided to ask this.

"Hm?" Kyoko raised both of her eyebrows, "um..." She's fidgeting, he noted. "Nothing, actually..." she answered, somehow uncertain. But it'll be fun to pretend believing her.

"Okay, I think I had enough," Hayato muttered, leaning against the chair. He flashed his charming smirk. "Now your turn to ask me questions."

"Hmm..." He watched as Kyoko thought of a question to ask. Her eyes rolling from here to there, as if she's thinking hard. She tilted her head to the right, and then to the left, and before Hayato realized it, her eyes were already locked on his.

"What is your biggest fear? Or fears, whatever," she said, the last part was barely audible.

Hayato's eyes widened for some seconds, but it quickly came back to normal. But his gaze was different from earlier—it suddenly darkened, as if something had possessed him. He put his head down, and if one looked close enough, they will see gloomy auras around him. Kyoko stared at him, worried.

"Haya—" Kyoko was about to ask him what's wrong with him, he had cut her sentence off.

"Darkness," he mumbled as he averted his gaze away from her. He doesn't want to look at her right now. He looked depressed.

Kyoko tightened her lips, looking at the blonde boy in who's sitting in front of her weirdly. "Darkness? You're scared of darkness?" She began to regret asking him this.

Silence screamed between the two. Just between the two. The people around them were laughing and talking loudly, yet both of them can only hear silence. Nothing. Until the boy broke it.

He flashed Kyoko a big, flawless smile as he said with his usual cheerful voice, "yeah~ I'm scared of darkness," he said, a slight red tint appeared across his cheek. "I'm such a coward, yeah?" he chuckled.

Kyoko could swear that she heard a bit of sadness in his tone just now. But she has no prove.

"...Yeah..." And all she could do right now is nod.

"Also," he coughed, clearing his throat, "I'm afraid of being left alone..." Hayato said, now with real sadness on his face. Or he could be deceiving her at the moment.

Kyoko is confused. What with this guy and his personalities? Hours ago, he was flirty. Minutes ago, he was very cheerful and mischievous. Seconds ago, he was depressed and stuff. Now, he's all sad.

Hayato stared at her. She was going to ask a question, seeing on her face, but a phone's ringing interrupted her. "Ah," Hayato muttered, reaching for the phone in his pocket. The blonde stared at the screen for some seconds, and then looked outside. He noticed it's almost dark. He clicked his tongue, before smiling at Kyoko, "excuse me." He stood up, and went outside, leaving Kyoko there.

Once outside, Hayato picked up the call, "aniki?"

A soft voice can be heard from the phone, "Hayato? Where are you? It's almost dark... You should go home."

The blonde smiled slightly at his brother's selflessness. He's glad to have a brother like him. "Yeah, I know. Gonna go home now. Just wait," he said to his brother on the phone.

After saying exchanging goodbyes with his brother, Hayato put his phone inside his pocket back, and turned around to the cafe again. He went in after the automatic door opened, but when his eyes went immediately to his and Kyoko's table, his eyes widened.

The seat that Kyoko had seated on is empty.

He walked to the table again as he thought about her. Maybe she just went to the toilet? That's possible. Maybe he should wait for her.

He tapped on the table repeatedly, looking around cautiously. His eyes were looking for Kyoko—only Kyoko.

Ten minutes had passed, but she hasn't come back. He's getting worried now, for him, and for her too. The sun is already down, but there is enough light for him to go home. Should he leave her, or wait for her? He took a deep breath, before deciding that he would wait for her.

Another ten minutes has passed, and now he knows that she won't come back. Maybe she went home, that's all, but didn't tell him. But how could she? She can just tell him that she wanted to go home. She did say that her house is a secret—maybe she's scared that he would follow her? But he's not the type of that kind of people.

Now, that's not the only problem here.

Hayato glanced at the giant glass window beside him. And all he can see is darkness.

He should call his brother to pick him up.


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