Thursday, March 6, 2014

Horoscope 3 [Jack Harries]

I feel my throat tightening up even though I'm not holding it at all. No one is holding it. In a few minutes I'm sure I'll throw up things. I feel sick and disgusted. My face is a mixture of red and pale from holding back my puke. Holding back your own puke is much more harder than doing math.

Why am I holding back my puke doesn't matter. What matter right now is that Endless Love has finished.

"Now burn," I mutter as I massage the bridge of my nose. My redhair loosely falls to my shoulder as the bangs cover my eyes, making my view quite reddish. I grunt lowly as I fix my sitting posture to be more comfortable. It's not that comfortable, but let's say that it's much more comfortable than earlier.

Then I remember the lines from the horoscope this morning.

The last thing you want to do today is stay silent. Do not stay silent for the rest of the day---be active!
I put away my thick bangs off my eyes, and now my view is clear. I put my hair behind my ear, and now my hearing is also clear. I blink when my ears caught a feminine and familiar voice talking in a thick british accent.

"Look who's awake now." I look up to the voice and smile slightly at her, Heather. But then it turns into a frown once again.

"Ugh," I groan. I take a look at my surrounding. I am in Starbucks with my friends. Most of my friends had gone home, since there's only nine of us—from my left to my right—Eric; Jennifer, my very shy friend; Ivan, my most annoying friend ever; Vincent, my friend who has a cute baby-face; Amy, my close friend; Heather, and then...

Those pair of striking green eyes stare at me in a mocking way. I don't feel offended, however. Instead, I pout.

"Shut up, Jack," I say with the tone that as if I've known him for a very long time. But then I notice his hair. It's swept to the left.

He laughs at me. "I'm Finn!" he says with his sexy accent. Even though almost all people here talk like that.

Then his twin pops up from his side with his wide and cheeky grin. "Hello!" he says, waving at me enthusiasically.

"Hell-o," I say in a robotic voice as I wave my hand at him. My voice was monotone, and it matched perfectly with my flat expression.

"Don't be so grumpy~" Jack says, almost like singing, and then followed by a chuckle.

"I'm not being grumpy..."I reply lazily as I reach out to my pocket and take out my phone. "I'm just tired." Tapping on my phone, I type my password to open the lock.

"Hey, Jack! We're her wallpaper!" Finn says suddenly right beside my ear, almost makes me go deaf.

"What, really!?" Jack's voice, which is much more louder than Finn's, almost makes my ear bleed.

Sure, I'm a big fan of them. Sure, I have their theme song in my phone, which I made it into my alarm. But it's not like I'm supposed to be screaming and stuff and them. Plus, if I do that to them, they'll end up being disturbed. If I actually do that, it means I'm not being myself. Except if I see Justin Timberlake. I'll run to him and glomp him. Is that alright?

"I'm a fan, of course I put you guys as my wallpaper," I say casually, tapping on the twitter shortcut.

Heather, being the leader figure as she always does, stands up. She put her palms at the edge of the table, making the table shakes slightly. She put on her serious expression, although, I know her long enough to tell that it is fake.

"So," she speaks up. "What are we going to do after this? It's not like we're just hanging out here, right?"

Vincent raises his hand up, "uh, GameStop?" Vincent receives a glare from Amy who doesn't like games that much. He puts his hand and head down, "guess not..."

I stare at the poor Vincent. He probably just wants to buy a few new games for his Xbox One. Oh, did I mention that he's, like, super duper rich?

I sip on a tea that I beleive is mine as Ivan suggests that we should watch another movie on the cinema. Yeah, I like that. That'll be great—I'd like to watch RoboCop.

But unfortunately, most of us disagree. It is because of the fact that we don't have much money left. You can always use Vincent's money. I roll my eyes at Heather. Good thing that she doesn't notice it.

"T-The bookstore?" Jennifer raises her hand timidly.

"The bookstore is good," Amy says as she smoked her cigarette. The smoke blends with the air as she continues her sentence, "I want to buy Fifty Shades Darker."

"I don't know what's so good about that book," Eric comments, giving Amy a slight smirk. He put his finger up and dance it around, "and you should stop smoking. It's bad for the environment."

"Oh, sh

A pang of jealousy hits me when Eric said that. A piece of my heart is like being eaten slowly. Yes, he said for the environment, because he's like a biologist. He cares deeply for the environment around him, which makes me think that he'll be a great biologist. But I can't help but feel jealous that he tells Amy to stop smoking—as if he cares for her as much as he cares for the environment.

The fuck am I thinking.

I glance to my right to remove that ridiculous thoughts out of my mind. There are Jack and Finn Harries, staring at all of us one by one. Jack's eyes suddenly move from Eric's to mine, which makes our eyes meet. Shit, I can feel my face heats up.

I quickly glance away from him, now staring at Eric's beautiful black hair. My face heats up more and more, maybe it almost the same color as my hair.

I stare at him long enough—I even ignore the bickering of my friends. And of course, Eric notices this. He turns his head to me, and my face is probably still red. Oh shit.

He raises his eyebrow, "Gwen? Why's your face red?" he asks. "Are you sick?"

"No!" I shake my head, grinning like a madman. "No, I'm not. You're just imagining things."

He stares at me in confusion. It looks like he wants to ask another question. Just shut up!

Good thing that right before Eric can ask another thing, Jack and Finn Harries interrupted him.

Both of the Harries put their fist on top of their palm, and at the same time, both of them say, "how about the arcade!"

Everyone stare at the twin dumbfounded. They look at each other, and then at the two again. It was a complete silence between us, until someone broke it. It was me.

I stifle a laugh behind my hand as it covers my lip. I am laughing because of the twin's act earlier. I thought it was adorable. I wish I had my camera with me, and then I can upload it to YouTube. It was cute, and hilarious too!

A few seconds after I laugh alone, Eric begins to laugh. And then followed by Heather. Then the twin, and followed by Ivan's ugly laughter. Vincent's laugh is cute. The last ones were to laugh were Amy and Jennifer. We all laugh.

The first one who stopped laughing is Heather, who then immediately say with a wide smile, "okay, since it seems everyone like going to the arcade, let's go!"

I bet it's going to be so much fun.


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