Friday, February 21, 2014

Horoscope (Jack Harries) 2

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Gwen's Point of View
Samuel steps on the brake, and the car stops right in front of the lobby. Me, who was holding to my phone, quickly put it inside my bag and taps the leather two times as I grow a smile on my face. I put my red strands of hair that were hanging loosely before my nose behind my ear, and I take a deep breath. And then let it out again. I can see that Sam is staring at me like I'm some kind of a weird weirdo or something.
I turn my head to my left. I can feel the excitement already! I hope it will turn out well. I hope I won't scream when Jack and or Finn says hello to me. And Eric, too. I think today is the luckiest day for Cancer! I didn't see the ranking earlier, I'll see it later.
I take a slight glance at the clock above the radio, and---holy shit. It's freaking 12.25. I whip my head to my little brother, and give him a glare. "Didn't I tell you to be fast?" I said, trying not too sound so harsh. He's my brother, after all.
He taps on the window beside him as his other hand scratches his cheek awkwardly. "Well, there was some sort of accident..." he says with his thick British accent.
Actually, there is no point of fighting like this. I should hurry. I give Samuel the last glare before saying, "alright, fine." I open the door and push it, making a gap between the door and the car, and leave the car from the gap. Right before I left, I wave my hand at Sam, and from the looks of it, he waved back at me. I chuckle at this. He can be cute at some times.
I walk into the mall with my bag hanging on my shoulder. I go inside the automatic door, and immediately bump into a stranger. I look up, and only to see a big guy standing before me. He is much more taller than I am. He's scary, I thought. He's just like a criminal.
Before I even have the chance to apologize, the stranger gives me a death glare and hisses at me. It gives me goosebumps just from that guy. I'm lucky that I did not fall. If I did, damn, I will be embarrassed as hell.
I shake my head, trying to remove the embarrassing scene just now, and walk aimlessly again. I actually don't know where am I going. What did Heather say about the place? Where should I meet them again? Ah, damn the guy I bumped into. Because of him, I forgot everything. Like, literally.
I reach for my bag and open the zippers. I put my hand inside the bag, and open it more wider, so that I can see what's inside. I am not like the usual girls like Heather and my other girl friends, who puts make up and a hair dryer inside her bag. I am the technology woman---I like gadgets. Just look inside my bag. An iPad, my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, an iPod, a headset, a powerbank, my hard disk that I brought for no reason at all, and my cable data that I also brought for no apparent reason at all. And a wallet. Yeah, probably that is all.
I take out my phone from my bag. My phone is the only reason I opened my lovely bag. I slide the screen to unlock it, making the wallpaper became blurry. There's a message.
1 new message
I raise an eyebrow. I tap on the notification, and see that the sender of the message was Heather. Uh, oh. I can feel myself smiling awkwardly as I tap on the message. I freeze when I read it.
Hey, you're too slow. The movie has just started :p I told Jack to wait for you. You know his face, rite? Just tap on his shoulder and introduce yourself. I bought you the ticket. Where's the thanks, huh? ;)
In a second, I have found myself smiling widely, my eyes are sparkling. I can't believe this. I hold my cheek---it's hot. It must be red in this very second. Jack Harries. My mind is screaming his name non-stop. I always tell Heather that Jack is my favorite Harries, and now---Agh, somehow I regret it, but a big part of me didn't. My eyes are wide, and I'm grinning like a madman. Some people are staring, which of course makes me embarrassed, but still. This is because of that guy! That younger Harries. I keep muttering the word 'oh my goodness' over and over again, because I just can't believe this. I'm going to meet Jack Harries. And later, I will meet MuFinn too.
I already found myself walking towards the escalator that's going up with my phone still in my hand. I can't help but to run on the escalator to boost my speed up, since there's not much people on the escalator. I never run in a mall before, because I think it's embarrassing and the security would think that you are a thief. But not now, people. Not now.
I run to the next escalator, not even bothered to look at the things around me. I haven't bump into someone, and that is just cool. If I remember correctly, the cinema was in the highest floor, and the mall has around 5 floors. That means I have to step on four escalators. That is nothing for me, I've done something more extreme than that.
I am currently on the third escalator, when my phone suddenly vibrates. I raise an eyebrow, and again unlock the phone again. It's another message. I tap on the message, but it's an unknown number. I don't know that number. Who's this? The message said,
is this gwen? Where are you right now?
I furrow my eyebrows, and without thinking any further, I tap on the reply button. Who are you? Send. I didn't put my phone back in my bag, instead, I hold onto it, waiting for it to vibrate again. And then it vibrates when I was on my way to the fourth escalator. I open the message. My eyes widen in surprise. The reply has more than one sentence, but I only read the first sentence. And that sentence already makes me scream.
I'm Jack Harries.
Where did Jack get my number from? Probably Heather. “That damned Heather,” I mutter as I fasten my walking pace. My mouth then keeps insulting Heather with bad words, but the smile on my face just won't wear off. Please, weird smile, go away, like, right now. As I step onto the last escalator, I take it easy and don't run. I take a deep breath before looking down to the ground floor. I just notice that I'm almost on the most top floor, which makes me like, high! Oh, wow. I'm sorry, Charlie McDonnell.
A few minutes after that, I already found myself inside the crowded cinema. It's very crowded, maybe it's even more crowded than the lobby. Yeah, I'm sure it's more crowded than the lobby.
After the security checked my bag, making sure than I wasn't carrying anything suspicious like foods from the outside or bombs, I walk around aimlessly. Again. I look at the movies that are showing now. What are we going to watch? I forgot. There's RoboCop, I Frankenstein, Devil's Due, Lego something... And there he is.
I approach a man with an attractive face---scratch that, a very attractive face. His brown hair is flipped to the left, and his face is round and it looks like it's soft. His face is also a little bit childish, and it's even more childish that he's currently sipping on his drink with a straw. It's cute, well, at least for me. His green eyes look around cautiously. Sometimes his eyebrows would raise, and blink. He is tiptoeing as he fixes the proportion of his hat. He wears a plain black shirt and a baggy blue jeans. His other hand that is not holding his drink is gripping onto something white---probably the tickets.
As I approach him and getting more closer and closer to him, my ears catch some whispers around me. Girls' whispers. Fangirls' whispers, to be exact.
Whoa, is that really...?!”
I can't believe it!”
What is he doing here...?”
Yeah, things like that. Of course. Typical fangirls. ...Can someone get me a mirror?
When I am close enough to him, I wave my hand at the handsome guy, and give him my most charming smile. “Jack, right?” I ask, making sure that he is that British YouTuber, Jack Harries.
Jack hums at me as a reply. He drinks his drink first, before licking his lip sexily. “Hmm, I am,” he said. He stays silent for some seconds, staring at me from head to toe, which makes me feel a bit awkward, but then he clenches his fist, saying, “oh! You must be Gwen that Heather was talking about!”
Holy shit, I curse in my mind. I am still smiling on the outside as I nod, but on the inside, I'm actually screaming like a girl. I take a deep breath, holding back my typical fangirl scream. I tried to act normal and natural, as if he is no one amazing. “Yep!” I answer casually with a small smile.
Jack returns my smile, that my ovaries almost exploded. Blood almost drips down from my nose. It's a good thing that it didn't. “My name is Jack Harries,” he says, offering me a handshake, which I accept it with all my heart.
I wanted it to be a small laugh, but instead, I squeal. “I already know, sheesh,” I say, still acting as if I'm not a fan of him. I don't want him to hate me, and so I decided to act as usual. “I'm a fan of you,” I state.
That's not really surprising,” Jack grins cheekily. He, who was much more taller than me, pats me on the head, messing with my hair. “Heather told me almost every detail about you.” He throws his drink to the trash bin, and it went in perfectly, the same time as my face turned red. Son of a...
Oh,” Jack starts, pointing at my face. “It's the same color as your hair.” He'2s totally mocking me.
You shithead,” I slap his back lightly, not wanting to hurt him. But it's hard enough to make him groan. I shake my head as I massage my head, and point at the tickets Jack is holding onto. “What are we going to watch?” Seriously, referring the two of us with we is really embarrassing. For me, I don't know about him.
Jack gives me one of the tickets. I can see that I'm going to sit at G 11, and Jack is going to sit at G 13. I hope Heather or some of girls is beside me. We're going to watch the movie in Studio 3. I read the title of the movie we're going to watch. It starts with an E. Endless Love.
We're watching Endless Love.”
What,” I say spontaneously. I look around to see the picture of the movie, and when I see it, I twitch. This kind of movie isn't my type of genre. I don't really like romance movies---except if I can relate myself to it. I put on a disgusted face as I walk towards Studio 3, “why.”
Jack gives me a questioning look, but I ignore him. I don't want to disappoint him---especially Heather, who bought the ticket for me. She's so nice, but sometimes she's annoying too. In a good way, that is. Romance is never in my genre. My favorite genres are science fiction and a true story. Also horror. Those are my favorite genres---not this! This is bullshit, man. I have no idea what's the story line in this movie. And Endless Love? Wow, so cliché.
Within seconds, I already found myself standing in front of Studio 3 with Jack beside me. I give Jack my ticket so that he can give it to the person that is waiting in front of the Studio. I don't know how to call him.
I nudge Jack on the side, and give him the ticket. He raises both of his eyebrows, as if demanding an explanation. I click my tongue. Why, suddenly I become so rude. Jack must have thought that I'm a good girl, but nope. That is completely wrong, audience.
Give 'em the tickets,” I say, trying to sound calm.
Kay,” Jack shrugs before giving the person the tickets. The person professionally tear the tickets into two, and gives us one of them.
Enjoy the movie,” he says, giving both of us a slight smile. I really want to return his smile, but I'm in a bad mood. Smiling when you're in a bad mood is just a nightmare.
As I step inside, the surroundings begin to darken, and in front of us two there's a giant screen showing a girl. Probably the main character. I check my phone as I walk toward the seat; it's 12.36. We only missed a few minutes of the beginning, good.
My thoughts were interrupted by me tripping on the stair. My phone has already fell to the ground, but I still try to balance myself, trying not to fall. But in the end I fall. I close my eyes, ready for the pain that will appear soon on my chin and embarrassment that will soon appear inside me. I wait for my body to hit the ground and laughter cracks up, but nothing came up. Instead I hear gasps. And the feel when someone is holding your shoulder.
You okay?” the voice asks. It's the voice that I just hear a few moments ago.
I open both of my eyes, and abruptly stand up in a normal position again, helped by Jack. I can feel my face heats up, and it's a good thing that it's very, very dark here.
Y-Yeah, I'm fine,” I stutter, but I make sure that it sounded like I'm in pain, not because of embarrassed.
You sure?” Jack asks again. He's too worried.
Before I can even answer him, someone not so far from us waves her hand. I can't see well in the dark, but I know she has a short hair. Bob-styled, probably. She signals us to come up to her. I wince to get a better look, and within seconds, I immediately know who she is.
Let's go there,” I say, tiptoeing toward my seat---G 11. I turn my head to Jack, making sure that he's following me. But what I found is Jack---staring at me curiously. I quickly turn away, embarrassed.
When I was right beside Heather, I quickly check who's beside me. Amy, one of my best friend, that we get along because of The Hunger Games, and... Oh shit.
Actually, it's not actually a problem for me, since I can act.
I let Jack sit first, because his seat is more far than mine. When he went inside the row, I said, “ladies first,” with a low tone. He stifled his laugh because of it. I guess I am funny.
After that, I sit on my own seat, between Amy and Eric. Amy has a long hair, and is wearing a glasses. To be honest, she looks prettier with it. Once I saw her without the glasses, and she was... very... unique... I guess...?
I don't want to describe Eric. Just, he has a messy black hair and is also wearing a glasses. His eyes are also black, pitch black. Done.
Yo,” Eric winks at me, grinning from ear to ear. I'm used to it.
I smile at him, “hello, Eric.” And we stopped there, not even bothered to continue the conversation.
I glance to the popcorn on his lap. Oh, cool caramel popcorn. I spontaneously take the popcorn and put it in my mouth. I am amused to his shocked and sad face. It's just cute. Wait, did I seriously just think about that?
I feel someone's eyes on me, but when I take a look around, I can't see anything. It's not like that I can't see, but it's just too dark. I look at Jack who's talking to Finn, and sometimes Finn would stare at me. My face went red, and Finn chuckle, but Jack hit him in the shoulder playfully. I guess.

Ugh, whatever. Let's just watch this piece of crap.


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