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Horoscopes [Jack Harries x OC...?]

Summary: Gwen Husher is a beautiful redhead. But the thing is---she swears and she is not very ladylike. Her addiction to horoscopes makes her quite nerdy to people. She always checks on her horoscope everyday, just to check if it's the fine to talk to her crush today. Gwen and her crush shares the same interests that makes her like him more: YouTubers. But then she meets the younger twin of the Harries, Jack Harries. As a fangirl, wouldn't it be normal for her to scream when they first met?
Rate: T because of swearing.
Disclaimer: Finn and Jack Harries are not mine.
Warning: Bad grammar and weird story plot.
A/N: Lately I've been addicted to horoscopes and JacksGap. So why not combine both, and make a fanfiction? 


Gwen's Point of View.

I stare back at the person in front of me. A person very identical to me. That person is so pretty, with her light pair of blue eyes, and her red and wavy long hair that reaches her back. Her lip is so kissable, with red lipstick painted on it. I can see that she has a really pretty smile, along with her pink and rosy cheeks. She sat in front of me in a ladylike pose---her leg crossed on another, and her right elbow against her thigh, also her palm against her chin. Her red hair stylishly falls from her right shoulder, and her bangs is styled to the right, but somehow it won't fall down to her eyes. She is very pretty, I admit. But...

"Fuck it."

I take my comb from my dresser and throw it at the person. The comb came back to me, even though that person also throw a comb to me. As the comb landed to the floor, I looked down to my sneakers as I slowly massage my forehead. I glance up to the person again, and that person is also glancing at me. I quickly look down again. And guess what?

Yes, that person in front of me is me. Oh, um. My mirror.

I, Gwen Husher, am currently in front of my dressing table, and depressed. 'Why' you ask? Well, how should I answer this...

So, today I'm going to go to the mall with my friends. Around fourteen people, I guess. And, you know what? My crush is going to be there! I can scream like a fangirl seeing Harry Styles. Oh, wait, no. I don't like Harry Styles. Sorry, guys. My crush's name is Eric. Personally, I like him wearing a glasses. Well, he is wearing a glasses. A glasses for fashion, that is. He is also the smartest guy in school, even though we share the same interest: YouTubers.

I groan out loud, maybe even my brother can hear me downstairs.

"What's up, Gwen?" My brother calls up from downstairs. Oh, I knew it already.

I roll my eyes. "No, it's nothing. My friend just hang up on me," I lied. Praise me I lied so easily.
My brother answered with a loud 'OK', and then I'm back in depression. Look, my crush is going to be there, but then there's a friend who has cousins. And her cousins are---oh my God, I can't say this. I'm going to scream, like, literally. My favorite YouTuber at all time.

I pull my red hair, screaming with no voice, my mouth is literally open as I see the me now in front of me. They're JacksGap! I am soooo going to scream.

Okay, now, the main problem is, I am confused what to wear and what to use to be my make up. People always tell me that I'm beautiful in their first glance. Yes, first glance. But I don't. I don't want to sound bragging, but really. I don't like myself. I don't hate, but I don't like it. I am beautiful, yes, thank you. But I am not ladylike, I don't know how to walk with highheels, I don't know how to comfortably use a skirt, I don't know how to wear a corset---nope. I know nothing. I can't even use a single make up! Except lipsticks. Yeah.

"Ugh..." I massage my head again, looking up to the mirror---to the reflection of me. Oh God, my clothes. I'm still in my white T-Shirt with a text "I miss you 24 hours a day," and followed with a long skinny jeans. No, that's just... No.

My mom is outside London, so I can't ask her about fashion. I can't ask my brother or my father, that'll be embarrassing. "Oh my gosh, if only mother was here..." I mutter, when suddenly my phone rings the song 'Cry Me a River' by Justin Timberlake.

My phone is right beside me, but it feels like 50,000,000 kilometers to take it. I want to take it so bad, because I can see from here that the caller is Heather, my friend plus JacksGap's cousin. But I'm too lazy to do so. "Ah, shit."

I slowly lift up my hand, moving it to the phone robotically (is that even a word?). I took the phone and press the green button, signing that I receive the phone call. I then quickly put my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 against my right ear. With a fake hoarse voice, I talk to Heather, "whaaa~...ttt....??"

"Gweeeen!" She is literally screaming at me. Oh no, she's scary when she's mad. I wince.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Seriously, where are you? You are like, the last one to arrive! We're all here at the mall!"

I roll my eyes for the second time today. I click my tongue. "Okay, sheesh. So, I'm the last one to arrive there?" I can hear her nod.

"Okay, fine. But I blame on you later if I wear badly, a'right?" I arched an eyebrow at my reflection, imagining that she's Heather.

Heather clicks her tongue, "fine, just---hurry up. The movie's starting in half an hour!"

"Well, shit." I quickly turn off the phone and throw it to my comfy and messy bed. You can imagine what girl's bed is like, right? Yeah, of course you can.

I tiptoed half run to the wardrobe, taking out everything I see as a good clothes. I take a white sleeveless V-neck shirt and a short jeans. I quickly take out all of my clothes before and change them with it. I stare at myself at the mirror again---better than earlier, nah. Then I use two bracelets on my right hand and a watch on my left hand. I also use a cap on my head. A blue cap, that is cool, yeah. 

I take a look at my clock at wall above the door. 12.07. Still half and an hour, calm down. Yeah, I'll be calm if there's no traffic jam. If there is---well, I'm dead. Literally. Heather will kill me.

I snatch my bag that was on my bed with me. Inside my bag, there are my phone, my wallet, my power back, my make up back (do I even need that?), my note book, and other useless things.
I run downstairs like a freaking runner champion or whatever you call it. My brother who was downstairs, watching Adventure Time, glances at me from the corner of his green eyes. "When are you going?" he asks.

I fold my arm, tapping my shoes to the ground. I opened my mouth wide, and then say, "NOW."
"Fine, fine!" My brother---namely Samuel---turned off teh TV with the remote, clicking a button somewhere around the remote, and then stands up from the sofa. He let out a long sigh, and turn to me. "Where are you going?"

I raise an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?"

"To tell mom and dad."

Nah, he's just worried about me, but he doesn't want to see us see the real and caring Sam. Huh, what a weirdo.

"I'm going to the usual mall with my friends, thank you," I say, hand on my hip. "Now let's just go." I grab Sam by the arm, also taking the car's key that was on the table. Sheesh, Sam. Letting it lay just like that, so stubborn.

I drag himself to the garage roughly by holding his wrist, but he doesn't protest. Well, it is his job to be my driver. Just kidding. When we both arrived at the garage, I make sure first that the garrage isn't as messy as usual. Sam was about to go in, but I held him back. I want to tell him, have you ever heard of ladies first? But, nah, nevermind.

When my right feet has stepped inside the garage, my mouth gapped. I couldn't help but let out a gasp after seeing the horrible inside of the garage. The oil is spilling, making the horrible scent of it lingers around the room. I pinch my nose, not wanting to smell the horrible smell of the oil. I glance at my brother behind me, ah, nope, glaring.

"What were you thinking?" I hiss at him.

I can see the nervousness in his face perfectly. He can't hide his emotions that well, I know that. What, I know him like, nineteen years!

"Well..." Samuel started. "The thing is, that I was busy with... uh... school... so..." He grins sheepishly at me as he scratches the back of his head innocently. What a bad liar.

I shake my head, my hand against my forehead. "You're 19, Sammy. You don't have school. Well, yeah, you have university. But it's not like you're that busy, right?" I raise an eyebrow. "At least you have time to clean the garage..."

Samuel ignores me and quickly walks to the car, with his left hand gripping the key. I let out a sigh again. When he ignores me, somehow I become scared. It's not like that I'm scared of him. It's just, he's a boy, even though he's my little brother. Ugh, what am I talking about. I'm going to be crazy. I hit my head lightly.

I stare back at Samuel who is starting the car. I glance at my own car. It's a normal black car---I don't know what's the brand. I'm not up-to-date with cars these days. I think cars these days are the same. Once I heard my friends at the university talking about the newest cars. They were like, "yeah! It was cool! I want to buy that!" and "no shit, Sherlock. I'm gonna buy that!"

My thoughts about cars were interrupted by Samuel. He sounded the horn. Well, shit.

"Come on up!" He says from the inside of the car as he horns the horn... again.

"Ugh," I roll my eyes, growling slowly before walking towards the other side of the car. I go in and sit on the front, beside Sam my dear little brother.

Sam starts to step on the gas, and the car moves smoothly. I am usual by Sam's driving, and it's pretty comfortable. Sam drives smoothly. I like it.

"Where are you going again?" Sam asks again. Usual Samuel, keeps forgetting about every important things.

"The Mall," I answer as I open my black bag. This is my favorite bag. It is all black, and it has some white dots on it. It's cute. In fact, because this is my favorite bag, I rarely use it at all. But today is different---today, there will be my crush, Eric. And also, the Harries twin. I don't know which should I fangirl to first. Eric, or the Harries twin? Especially Jack. Jack Harries is my favorite Harries. Ugh...
I take my phone from my bag---it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as you can see. I tap on the screen, and type the password. The password is---well, just for you, I'll tell you. It's jackharriesthebettertwin. Yeah, long, I know right. I hit enter, and the lock screen is gone; now it's the main screen. I slide my hand on the screen, one, two, three times, and hit on a folder called "Horoscopes."

"You still believe in that kind of thing?" Samuel asks. I turn my head to him, and see him rising his eyebrows, his eyes shining with doubt. I chuckle.

"Well, yeah," I shrug as I tap on my favorite horoscope application. "It's really accurate, believe me," I say as I take my eyes off him, staring back at the screen.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see him shrugging, muttering, "whatever."

"Now, what's the horoscope of today..."

Cancer {June 22 - July 22} - Daily

It seems that you worry too much this morning. It will consume times too. That could mean some trouble later, young child, so be careful, alright? Also, it seems that today will be fun day! You will meet new people, new special people, and old friends at the same time. There will be surprising events today. But don't worry, the events are good events. The last thing you want to do today is stay silent. Do not stay silent for the rest of the day---be active!

I furrow my eyebrows after finished reading my today horoscope. This can't be right? All of them are positive, except for the That could mean some trouble later. And surprising events? What surprising events? I'm confused...


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